Benchmarking services (Education)


Presently, educational institutes are being criticised for providing inept and obsolete knowledge in their courses. The reason behind this censure is the huge gap between the information provided in the courses and the real-time practices in the markets. This gap can be pertinently filled by ‘benchmarking’. Benchmarking in the educational sector can resolve this dilemma pretty ably, as one function of benchmarking is to bridge the gap between unproductive systems and best practices used by others.


Pakfreelance is offering top-notch and distinctive services of benchmarking for enhancing the educational sector. We are resolving misapprehensions at all educational levels with our effectual benchmarking services. Our benchmarking is built on a set of highly preeminent strategies of discovering solutions to the problems. With the presence and experience of working in the international marketplace, Pakfreelance employs all of its resources and associations with international educational institutes to efficiently explore the best educational practices around the world and then implement them to fill out the gaps in the educational sector in this country.


Pakfreelance benchmarking services are highly valuable and resourceful and are capable of shaping the whole structure of the education sector worldwide to reach its peak.  


Pakfreelance presents a comprehensive benchmarking program after systematically identifying the key points of difference between the educational systems of top quality and low-quality institutions, collecting detailed data from both primary and secondary sources, analysing that data with highly powerful tools to bring forth the best practices, and illustrating key gaps. After the identification of major gaps in the educational systems, our internationally experienced experts recommend valuable improvements and monitor changes (if necessary).


The aim of Pakfreelance is to eliminate the flaws in the education system, especially in developing countries. By bridging the gap between the educational systems of advanced countries that have a mature and practical approach-based educational system (best educational practices) and inept educational practices of developing countries, this service seeks to transform the entire educational system by first transforming a smaller product in the industry. 

In this scenario, we identified some of the common deficiencies (real-time) in the study courses of such educationally ineffective developing countries:


  • Outdated and obsolete information
  • Lack of practical knowledge in the content of books
  • Cramming based study
  • Blocked thinking (unable to apply knowledge into practice)
  • Theory learning rather than practical implementation


To overcome these, we offer some recommendations:


  • Including currently in-practice information that is widely applied in the international marketplace
  • Adding practical based operations in the content of the books
  • Developing scenario or case study based exams to remove cramming and promote the concept-based study
  • Demonstrate or doing hands-on-practice exercises to teach the students how to use learned knowledge in real-life problem solving
  • Including practical sessions (knowledge) with every theory or phenomenon to teach how to do it practically or implement a concept that is stated in the theory  


We identified these problems by conducting thorough research on the educational systems of these developing countries and proposed remedies based on the best practices applied in the international educational institutes. Our benchmarking in education will enhance the quality of education and research worldwide. We are equipped with the modern tools, internationally experienced experts, and worldwide networks with the highly recognised educational institutes that make us more unique and efficient in benchmarking in the educational sector, and through this, we have the ability to change and improve the entire structure of the educational sector.

Benchmarking services (Business)


In the current business landscape, companies are continuously striving to improve each and every operation. For this, companies often keep an eye on the operations of other companies. Yet, companies may not get the information that they are looking for. In such circumstances, companies need the assistance of a company that is expert in getting or providing valuable information about the common standards of key or successful companies.  


A universal technique for getting the information of in-practice strategies of renowned companies is to acquire the services of a benchmarking firm. Pakfreelance presents highly upright benchmarking services that will assist a company to improve its operations of a specific department or improve the entire company’s operations as a whole by comparing the functions of an inept company with the improved or strategically strong company. We have an internationally renowned team of experts that will provide you with our distinguished benchmarking services for every department of your organisation; HR, inventory management, Marketing, IT maintenance, and much more. The objective of Pakfreelance is to fill the gap between the companies having weaker and stronger infrastructures by presenting a model process that can then be translated to organisations at larger scale. 


Pakfreelance benchmarking services are extremely resourceful and valuable and are capable of transforming the infrastructure of the entire organisation. The company offers dedicated benchmarking services that begins with careful selection of key elements of comparison of a department or sector of a highly reputed and less developed company, collection of specific data sets, critically analysing the gathered data, and discovering the best business practices that are applied by the high ranked companies worldwide, and by highlighting key gaps recommend the best solutions and securitizing the required changes.


Pakfreelance incorporates all sorts of business benchmarking and offers its ingenious services using the comparison of internal operations of the company, comparison of competitor’s operations or standards, and comparison of highly recognised multinational firms to ensure that our customer gets the perfect strategic level benchmarking services that will be extremely useful in the improvement of their overall business operations.