Book Writer's Job Description

This entails important details about your role, duties and responsibilities. Being a team leader, you are expected to perform certain duties in a highly responsible and dependable manner.

  • Working on and deciding the core theme and ideology behind the book
  • Selecting the main domain and broad topic area for the book
  • Conducting extensive research in the relevant topic area and extracting key elements, concepts, factual information and authentic details to narrow down the topic area
  • Conceptualization of topic as per the research conducted in the relevant topic area and emerging trends in that topic area
  • Working on and deciding the main title of the book in collaboration with the book reviewer(s)
  • Developing important story elements as per the preliminary research, including but not limited to, theme, layout, word count, page count, graphics and text requirements
  • Understanding and complying with the relevant writing and referencing styles as per the needs of the book
  • Understanding and complying with all the relevant legal and ethical guidelines, including those related to writing and editing, plagiarism, graphics, publication, and marketing
  • Developing an initial outline as per the preliminary research for the book in a structured and refined manner
  • Expanding the outline and preparing first draft of the book to receive an initial feedback from the reviewer(s)
  • Reflecting on the feedback received and incorporating the feedback points to develop an improved second draft of the book
  • Rigorously proofreading the drafts to check for elements including but not limited to spellings, vocabulary, language, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and overall flair in writing, as per the needs of the book
  • Getting an external review done in collaboration with the relevant stakeholder(s)
  • Collaborating with composer, designer, and graphics experts to keep a check on non-textual elements of the book, and ensuring complete alignment between the textual and non-textual elements
  • Collaborating with the marketing team for designing a well-aligned marketing campaign for the book
  • Getting the final draft ready by collaborating with all relevant stakeholder(s)
  • Taking repeated feedbacks throughout the process from the reviewers and other stakeholder(s) to ensure perfection in all elements of the book
  • Ensuring an uncompromised compliance with the core theme and ideology behind the book and aligning every single element of the book with the core theme
  • Timely and accurately reporting to the supervisor(s) regarding any task assigned by them

Key skills

  • Excellent proficiency in English writing
  • Strong research skills
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Creativity and intuition
  • Time management
  • Self leadership
  • Eye to detail
  • Sound judgement
  • Individual responsibility