Kindergarten books (A is not for apple etc.)


We Pakfreelance have taken an initiative towards the educational improvement of our children. Our aim is to make our children more knowledgeable about their surroundings. One of the biggest flaws that we identified in our educational system is that it does not provide our children the open knowledge of everything they use or interact with in their daily life. This lack of knowledge at the initial level restricts their out-of-the box thinking and speaking ability, thereby restricting them to only few words that are taught in the pre-kindergarten books. So, we aim to develop books that are distinguished into two levels; primary level, and advanced level. These levels are further disseminated into several modules based on their specifications.


Our initial idea is to bring about a series of books that teach them more things starting with every letter that they are usually taught about. These books are designed to provide the children with basic knowledge about the things they come across in their daily life. The core purpose of these books is to enhance the vocabulary of the children by providing them with a wide range of words or things (living or non-living) alphabetically. This book is spreaded into different modules based on their specifications.


Through these wide-ranging books, our primary aim is to educate the children through appealing information in order to increase their interest in learning and development from toddler age. These books play a vital role in broadening their knowledge about different essential elements of the world.


Our experts of book writers believe that reading and narrating with kids fosters brain growth and imagination, improves language and emotion, and makes them able to better connect with others. We hereby aim to enhance the mindset and thinking level of children by changing their basics from “A is for an Apple towards A is not only for an Apple” but A comprises ample other things which are currently beyond the thinking of the children at their basic level. 



Pakfreelance is publishing a wide range of books that tap multiple perspectives of cultural norms. In this context, we are publishing interesting books on the theme of ‘Parenting’. Remember “your children don’t do what you say, they do what you do”. Keeping this in our view, we developed specialised books on parenting styles, ways and their impact on their children. Our books demonstrate the ways that you should treat your children and how to act and deal with your daily life matters in front of your children. We include a particular section on Do’s and Don’ts that will be very helpful for you in the improvement of your parenting ways.  Parenting Books encourage nurturing behaviour and increase parents’ knowledge of child development and their communication.


Our Parenting books are based on various different parenting philosophies as well as extensive field testing with recognised professionals, children and parents. At Pakfreelance, we present parenting books to enhance parents’ knowledge and provide emotional support with useful resources. Our books will help the parents to educate their children and build confidence among them. Our purpose is to provide education to every parent in terms of enhancing their understanding of how they develop confidence among their children. We suggest the strategies which you can align with your preferences, values and needs as a parent, or to-be-parent.

Family systems (combined family, extended family)


Pakfreelance aims to provide extensive understanding related to family systems, both for combined and extended families. We offer these books in order to enhance the knowledge of people on how they improve their behaviour, attitudes and communication styles so that we can live effectively with our families, and friends. Reading these books will help you in improving communication styles, understanding family dynamics, understanding the needs of parents and children, developing problem-solving skills, altering behaviour and attitudes to deal with complex circumstances, and much more. 


The books published at Pakfreelance related to parenting will help people in terms of developing strong skills to manage family dynamics. In this way, our books based on family systems both combined family and extended family will provide you with a basic to advanced level understanding of all kinds of family systems and structures. These dynamics are based on roles and responsibilities in families, family alignment, family hierarchies, and characteristics and patterns of interaction in families. So head over to our website to buy our books on family systems and sow the seed of change in your family.

Education of toddlers 


Most of the parents feel difficulties in terms of educating their children on how they can guide their babies to start walking, running, climbing, use stairs or throw a ball. Based on these challenges, Pakfreelance aims to provide guidance and helping materials to parents so that they can better understand their children’s needs and requirements. These books will also help parents to enhance their capabilities in educating their toddlers and developing confidence among them.


These books on the education of toddlers will also be beneficial in providing different signs and their meaning through which the parents can educate their toddlers. These books will guide you in:


  • Exploring Various Signs and their Meanings, Counting everyday Items in terms of educating toddlers, Separating various objects based on colour and types, Developing shape books, Teaching shapes to children,  Finger Painting for Colour Recognitions, and Incorporating Colour Languages, etc.


So, the purpose of Pakfreelance behind these books is to help and educate the parents to provide effective education to their toddlers.  

Education of young adults 


Related to Education of young adults, we at Pakfreelance are providing books that are helpful in the education of young adults. These books are in accordance with the interests of students and helpful in grooming their personalities. All these books are helpful in the personal development of young adults and will significantly increase their knowledge about the happenings around them. We are committed towards providing books related to education of young adults, which will cover the International youth perspective on education, youth and development, political ideology and change.


These books will also play an essential role in the lives of young adults by improving their intelligence and memory towards the national and international current issues. The books that we are providing from the platform of Pakfreelance will enable the young people to possess insight about the world of imagination and develop a sense of creative thinking towards dealing with their educational matters, and understanding and accepting change. 

Biographies and autobiographies


At Pakfreelance, we are also providing books on biographies and autobiographies, which are quite interesting to read. These books are for those who like to read the biographies of other people for gaining inspiration. We draft the biographies and autobiographies by following a whole organised process, where we start from brainstorming the highly demanded biographies or autobiographies, then draft an outline that is required to be reviewed by the whole research team. After which, we start research about the selected biographies or autobiographies, which are then finalised by further process of proofreading, redrafting the initial draft.

With the help of these biographies and autobiographies you can see life through someone else’s eyes. These will also increase your knowledge and provide significant learning from the success and failures stories of others.