Business consultancy 

‘Pakfreelance’ offers premium business consultancy services. We aim to provide real-time comprehensive business suggestions to our clients rather than just a piece of business advice. We provide our finest business advisories in multiple domains;

  • Consultancy for start-ups 
  • Consultancy for operational enhancements or improvements
  • Consultancy for expansion opportunities

For start-ups, our expert guides you to the best business opportunities that you can grab after assessing the absolute current market needs and trends. We provide you a detailed roadmap related to market awareness, financial plans, and HR requirements that assist you in your business start-up.

Also, we offer specialised services to enhance and improve the operational performance of your business. Our highly dedicated team suggests and educates you in improving your operational excellence by identifying key loopholes, non-performing staff and guides you on how to deal with them.

In the business expansion consultancy, we provide our clients all the possible opportunities to expand their businesses geographically by recommending the best marketing and funding firms that assist them to spread their businesses.


Business plans

The professional business experts at Pakfreelance provide dedicated assistance in developing your business plans. Our facilitation services in business plan development stands out in the international market. We have an extremely experienced and talented team of business professionals. We offer and help our clients to get the best business ideas after analysing their current market situations.

We follow prudent approach and help our clients in making feasible business plans by offering short term real-time achievable plans based on extensive current market trends and demands. The plans proposed by our experts are based on extensive and thorough research rather than blind suggestions of long-term unrealistic and non achievable targets. We offer support in developing short term business plans to our clients to achieve step-by-step success in their businesses and to re-evaluate easily according to the rapidly changing business markets.              

We recommend our clients business ideas with detailed feasibility reports. Also, we offer our dedicated services for existing businesses to improve their operational performance. We suggest our client real-time market analyses based marketing approaches to grasp more customers, and expert HR management and financial plans that are guaranteed to secure them an attractive position in the competitive market.          


Management of Finances

‘Pakfreelance’ seeks to provide expert-level financial management and advisory services. Our financial experts have vast experience in serving financial advisory services in the global market. We aim to provide our clients finest financial management services that can maximise their financial resources. Our core advisory services are corporate finance, risk management, tax advisory, real estate investment advisory, and capital market investment advisory, etc.

In Corporate finance services, our highly dedicated advisors offer valuable and rewarding corporate management advice regarding capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management services. In risk and taxation management services, our analyst gives you the best plan to manage your taxation matters and efficiently reduce and eliminate risks of the business. Yet, in real estate and capital market investment advisory, our experts guide you to achieve the optimal level of gains from your investments. We use highly advanced technological-based tools in developing investment strategies and have experts that have investment and financial advisory experience in diverse and international financial markets.

Choosing the ‘Pakfreelance’ financial and investment advisory team will be a good decision for you. So register with us right away!


HR consultancy 

We are here with a team having immense experience and expertise in HR consultancy. ‘Pakfreelance’ is an academic oriented company that offers HR consultation services to its valued customers. Our HR experts are equipped with modern tools that help you solve your HR management problems. Our trainers have designed an all-encompassing suite of HR services, which ranges from HR planning and needs assessment, Recruitment services, employee training & development consultation, HR management tools, benefit & compensation plans, talent management services, employee retention plans, performance management, to effective exit programs for employees.

Our finest experts are highly professional and have diverse working experience in the global marketplace. Apart from imparting the theoretical knowledge regarding HR processes, our trainers instil a hands-on experience among learners by arranging simulation activities. Our recruiting experts make sure that companies get experts and energetic individuals that have the capabilities to lift up the firms. Our specialised strategies in employee training & development, retention plans, performance and talent management, and compensations plans assure that you will get all the possible benefits from the HR functions that help you efficiently achieve your organisational goals. So contact us now for getting the premium Human resource consultancy services for your organization.     


Career consultancy

Our career counselling team is extremely efficient and highly proficient. Our team has the expertise of serving as a career consultant and delivers career counselling services all over the world. We provide career counselling services on three tracks;

  •         Counselling for degree or study field selection
  •         Counselling to land on a job or start a business
  •         Counselling in business expansion

In the first track, we provide career counselling services to the students that are curious about the selection of study fields. We use in-depth personality characteristics analysis to explore and bring up key aspects of the students to understand and suggest the perfect path for them.

In the second track, we offer our finest and expert opinions that guide you to land at your dream job or start your personal business. We apply deep psychological assessment techniques to assess your personal traits and skills and suggest to you a job or business direction that will be absolutely appropriate for you.

In our last track, we provide our clients valuable consultancy and guidance to expand their businesses by offering them the right choices in the market. 

So come join our richly diverse and comprehensive course today to get the best of career consultancy services at affordable prices.      


Entrepreneurial guide 

The experts of ‘Pakfreelance’ have expertise in providing highly specialised entrepreneurial consultancy services worldwide. Our experts’ team can lead you to become a highly successful entrepreneur in the current highly competitive marketplace. We offer our finest entrepreneurial assistance services to help you deal with the issues that you are or will face in the coming future related to your business. We help you to develop the most creative and unique business idea after getting through the process of extensive market research.

We understand how entrepreneurs are afraid of the evident risk in the process of jumping into a new business. But don’t worry, our experts guide you on how to effectively deal with potential business risks by suggesting a complete roadmap from the identification of risk to its management techniques. We offer our clients expert services in identifying potential growth opportunities. We assist our clients in the creation of creative marketing strategies, development of unique brand recognition and customer retention strategies. Our expert services will lead you to achieve your business goals quite efficiently.      


Journal publishing

‘Pakfreelance’ offers you to publish your articles at well-known journals. We have a highly experienced and skilled team that includes research experts from all over the world with diverse educational backgrounds and expertise. We provide a comprehensive set of services related to research paper publications. Our finest services related to research paper publications include;

  • Proofreading and technical screening
  • Peer reviews
  • Copyediting
  • Language editing and translation
  • Draft formatting
  • Manuscript submission assistance
  • Write-up improvements

Our pool of highly qualified and well-trained instructors works diligently and makes sure to publish your articles in high impact-factor journals. So head over to us now and register with our journal publishing service to get your hands on the most credible journals in the research space.