Conflict Management

Conflict management   Conflict is inevitable and happens in all workplaces irrespective of the number of employees working in the organization. But, you want to make things better? Learn Conflict Management with us. Pakfreelance has a specialized team of instructors that rigorously teaches conflict management tactics and strategies in a series of workshops and/or training… Continue reading Conflict Management

Relationship Management

Relationship management   Finding it difficult to win customers for your product/service? Come register with our relationship management course, which guides you effective strategies of building sustainable relationships with customers. We understand the competitiveness emerging in the environment and how hard it is to retain customers. For this very reason, the key is to build… Continue reading Relationship Management

Diversity Training

Diversity training   How do we learn to accept and cherish our distinctions? To put it another way, how can we investigate and embrace diversity? The course of diversity training that we are offering will assist you in expanding your knowledge and awareness of diversity, allowing you to build more open and inclusive workplaces that… Continue reading Diversity Training

Team Building & Teamwork in Organization

Team building and teamwork in organizations   With the velocity at which organizational changes are happening, it is becoming very important to have strong command on various organizational skills, including team building and teamwork. Having this approach, we have a dedicated team of instructors who train students regarding team building and teamwork in organizations. Key… Continue reading Team Building & Teamwork in Organization

Basic Management Training

Basic management training Pakfreelance acknowledges the recently emerging changes in the business landscape and the essence of getting acquainted with management skills. In our basic management courses, our team of highly qualified trainers demonstrates the role of managers in an organization. Through these courses, we attempt to familiarize the incumbents how they can surf through… Continue reading Basic Management Training