Business Analytics

Business analytics   Experts at Pakfreelance realize the massive growth and significance of data and hence have dedicated a distinct course to nourish analytics skills among users. Business analytics, one of the most sought-after domains, introduces all business professionals to big data analytics, including those with zero previous analytics knowledge. Our highly qualified team of… Continue reading Business Analytics

Social Media Networking

Social media networking   You have come to the perfect place if you have already been experimenting with social media platforms for your business or if you are totally new to the world of digital marketing. We, here at Pakfreelance, provide you a chance to practice social media marketing skills. Our digital and social media… Continue reading Social Media Networking

Content Creation

Content creation   We at Pakfreelance are providing you with our courses of content creation. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to market your product/service in the right way, you are at a right place! Our instructors of content creation are of the view that it is the content that rightly and… Continue reading Content Creation

SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing   Who doesn’t cherish the growth and development that digital media has been seeing lately? We understand how our students aspire to be a part of this growing sphere. Our courses pertaining to digital platforms seek to equip students with the essential digital media skills through which they can advance their… Continue reading SEO and Digital Marketing