Finance & Accounting

SUBJECT SPECIFIC Finance & Accounting   Considering the amplifying significance of playing with numerics, Pakfreelance is providing highly valuable and compact courses on finance and accounting. Our financial experts help you understand the key theoretical aspects and commonly employed practices of finance and accounting. Our course includes three modules; fundamental principles & concepts, key statements,… Continue reading Finance & Accounting

Operations & Logistics

SUBJECT SPECIFIC Operations and Logistics   Pakfreelance presents a renowned course on business operations and logistics management. We have highly proficient and experienced pool of trainers that serves these services in the local and international marketplace. Having a vast experience and rich knowledge in their fields, these trainers guide you regarding each and every aspect and… Continue reading Operations & Logistics


SUBJECT SPECIFIC HRM   The significance of managing human resources in an organization needs no explanation and Pakfreelance understands it. The company thereby provides you some of the most worthwhile courses that will help you secure a better and more promising position in the job market. We have designed our course in accordance with the… Continue reading HRM


SUBJECT SPECIFIC IT   Pakfreelance fully acknowledges the inevitable and unavoidable role that technology has started to play in people’s lives. Having this approach, the company offers basic Information technology (IT) courses. Our courses are equipped with highly helpful information that enables you to recognise the potential aspects and usage of IT knowledge, which may lead… Continue reading IT


SUBJECT SPECIFIC Marketing   We at Pakfreelance provide you some of the most worthwhile courses that will give you an extra edge over the individual in the job market. The main marketing courses which we are offering at Pakfreelance are:   Basic Marketing Course (For Beginners): (In this course, we will teach you about the… Continue reading Marketing

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business, employment & entrepreneurship   What business can a 15 years old start in the UK? Businesses done at a small age enable the individual to lead a successful life in the future. Everyone should have a business mindset that helps them to earn more money and meet their desires. So let’s discuss some business… Continue reading Business & Entrepreneurship