Mini Lab


Tableau   Do you deal with data visualization very often? Are you bored with Excel or SPSS graphics? Learn Tableau to get command on designing and creating graphs, charts, tables of multi-layered formatting and editing styles. Pakfreelance offers you a certificate-level course on Tableau software which can give you a sound grip on data handling… Continue reading Tableau


NVIVO   Are you searching for learning expert-level qualitative analysis? We are offering courses on one of the best qualitative analysis tools NVIVO. The expert instructor of Pakfreelance will assist you to get proficiency in ‘NVIVO’. This tool/software will boost your data analysis skills and will make you an expert qualitative data analyst. To make the… Continue reading NVIVO


STATA   Are you looking to have an advanced-level grip on quantitative analysis? Pakfreelance offers a beginner-level detailed course on STATA along with the courses of SPSS, AMOS and PLS. From guiding about the fundamentals of STATA to attaining a pragmatic experience of basic and advance-level coding of the software, our experts are determined to… Continue reading STATA


PLS   Do you want expertise in a renowned quantitative analysis software ‘Smart PLS’? We are here for you. Pakfreelance offers a comprehensive training course on one of the best quantitative analysis software Smart PLS. Our experts will help you to get expertise in Smart PLS. In order to make the learning more systematic and… Continue reading PLS


AMOS AMOS   Willing to learn various software programs to facilitate your research knowledge? Pakfreelance offers a training course on ‘AMOS’. AMOS is one of the highly renowned and widely used software in academic and professional research works. Our highly experienced experts will guide you comprehensively in the easiest and effective way that you can grasp… Continue reading AMOS


SPSS   Are you looking for an easy way to learn Quantitative data analysis? So, here we present a course on an extensively used Quantitative data analysis tool ‘SPSS’. We offer two modules of SPSS:   Fundamentals of SPSS Advanced complex analysis on SPSS    At the fundamental level, we provide the essentials of SPSS… Continue reading SPSS

Peachtree/ Quickbooks/Tally/Basic Accounting Books (Accounting Software)

Peachtree/ QuickBooks/Tally/Basic Accounting Books Accounting (Accounting software)   Are you willing to get out of the traditional paperwork accounting and want to learn computerised accounting? Pakfreelance brings you an exhaustive and comprehensive course that teaches commonly used accounting software. We aim to enable our students to get expertise in computerised accounting. We offer a wide range… Continue reading Peachtree/ Quickbooks/Tally/Basic Accounting Books (Accounting Software)


SAP   Are you eager to learn quick techniques of data processing? Or do you belong to a business-related field? If the answer to any of these is yes, you need to get your hands on SAP certification. Pakfreelance provides you the opportunity to have an expert level course on SAP software particularly. The module… Continue reading SAP


Oracle   Databases are everywhere in every field and they are meant to increase productivity of their users. If you are planning to or already in the field of Computer Science, you definitely need some basic information storing and database handling skills. Our certificate course in Oracle Software will help you become a master of… Continue reading Oracle