Communication (oral, written and non-verbal)


We at Pakfreelance understand the essence of good communication at personal and professional arenas and are thus dedicated to teach you worthy communication skills. Our specialization courses in communication will enable you to achieve your professional goals by effectively communicating with your clients, partners, employees and employees. Whether you are expanding your business internationally, signing a partnership agreement with an international client, or applying for a job at your dream place, our specialized English communication skills course will be there to help you achieve your goal. The communication course at PakFreelance possesses three modules:


  • Oral English Communication Skills
  • Written English Communication Skills
  • Non-Verbal English Communication Skills


You can apply for the modules of your choice according to your ease and availability. Primarily, our modules cover up the following content:


  • Improving Communication Skills (Learn how you can effectively communication at work and obtain desirable objectives)
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Skills & Strategies (Learn how you can negotiate at personal level, landlords, employers, family and others)
  • Teamwork Skills: Effective Communication in Groups (Learn how you can effectively work in team and group and gain personal and professional success)
  • Business English Communication Skills (Specialize in communicating effectively in English in Professional context, improve your writing and speaking ability in English)
  • Presentation Skills (Become specialized in storytelling and speech delivery)