1.      Social media marketing

Considering the amplifying growth of social media, Pakfreelance takes pride in offering top-notch and promising social media marketing services to its reputed clients. Our social media marketing services are considered among our strong suits in which we are offering opportunities for businesses and clients to attain an appealing brand experience. Our services includes helping you in

  • Staying connected with your customers by managing your social media presence on all social media platforms 
  • Growing your business and brand reputation by ensuring your content reaches the right audience
  • Engaging with your target audience
  • Help you increase customers’ interaction on your social media handles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Creating practical and promising content and social strategies so you can reach and reach the customers you deserve and desire.

Pakfreelance specialises in social media marketing on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat and many others. Recent research shows that 40% of all online shoppers are influenced by social media. Unfortunately, you may find yourself too busy with your business to maintain your social media profiles. That’s where Pakfreelance’s social team helps you and allows you to focus on the strategic aspects of your business while taking care of your social media presence. With the right content and social strategy, we can bring your business out in front of the customers you want, create a new business, and build loyalty with your current customers. So what are you waiting for, contact us now and allow us to build your presence while not compromising your strategic direction!


2.      Content curation

The internet can give us data in seconds, but it often requires walking through a maze of options before we find what we need. This gap can be filled with content curation, which provides users with the carefully selected or relevant information they are looking for.

Our content curation services about finding, sorting, filtering, organising, and organising information helps us share the most relevant and easy-to-understand content with your users. Our services include: 

  • Creating content that will engage, educate and excite your readers to become your customers. 
  • Driving more visitors to your site and increasing the reach of your social pages and posts so that your brand remains in the public eye of social media users.
  • Curating content so that filtered and organized information is visible to users

Our content curations services significantly increase the value of the content published for the audience. We are offering you our content curation services that grab the attention of readers by making them interact with the content that relates with them. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!


3.      Email marketing 

Unlike a lot of agencies who dismiss email marketing as an “old fashioned” medium, Pakfreelance fully integrates email marketing into most of its multichannel marketing campaigns because we understand how effective this channel is in generating leads and maximising revenue. Get in touch to learn how Pakfreelance can help you attract your target audience, convert them into customers and re-convert previous clients into frequent and loyal customers.

Our emails are automated but personal, and all pass the ‘Turing Test’ for copy quality, ensuring there’s never an issue with a spam score. We carefully analyse every campaign, improving the strategy as required to deliver maximum ROI.

Our email marketing services will help you to:

  • Identify, attract and convert your ideal customer
  • Generate high quality, long-lasting leads
  • Track return on investment
  • Re-engage and nurture existing contacts
  • Implement automation follow up strategy


4.      Text message marketing 

We here at Pak Freelance also offer SMS marketing that is a very effective promotional technique for businesses. Indeed, this editorial support is extremely profitable. Thanks to SMS Marketing, you stay in touch with your customers and have a direct and almost instant relationship with them. Their mobile is never far away, which is why you can contact them at any time by sending them a personalised message, a group message to announce a promotion, a flash sale, a contest, a reminder, and a lot more. If you are interested in advertising your brand using text message marketing, then Pakfreelance is the best place to help you. 

What are the services of SMS marketing which we are offering?

Relatively short, or even very short, the big advantage of SMS marketing lies in their varied content adapted to the various commercial objectives of the company. We count them for spreading

  • Promotional offers, invitations and contests;
  • Informative alerts;
  • Personalised messages;
  • Satisfaction surveys or polls.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us now!


5. Video/YouTube marketing 

Our video marketing experts believe that people are more receptive towards the moving content as compared to static and textual content. If you are looking to market your brand to a larger audience, then YouTube is the most valuable medium to advertise on. Creating compelling and engaging YouTube advertising content is an excellent way to put your story in front of the people you want to reach. Our experts use cutting-edge methodologies to ensure that your brand advertisement is receiving maximum clicks and traction. We here at Pakfreelance have a team of YouTube advertising professionals that help you get new and potential subscribers, views, likes, and comments.

The services we provide are: 

  • Full-service network of YouTube strategists that build brand integrity, drive sales, and grow your channel by creating engaging content
  • Innovative, creative development, skilled video production, influencer outreach, and researched channel optimisation

We strategically place your video content on YouTube using tags and relevant keywords so that it ranks higher and is visible to your target audience first. We build relevant calls-to-action to entice your audience to engage and have one-on-one communication with potential buyers. We define advertising parameters and create buyer personas using demographics to increase your ROI. With our on-strategy marketing techniques, we capture the attention of your potential customers and generate buying demand. So what are you waiting for? Register with us and let us take care of marketing your work!


6.      Public relations

We are a team of public relations professionals who understand the power of both proactive and reactive PR. We can help you truly drive the conversation not just by promoting your business and brand but by immersing you into the conversation no matter the topic.

We excel at proactive pitching and media relations, but we equally value the kind of fast-paced, rapid response PR and communications strategies that are needed to cut through the noise and get you noticed in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. 

It is our belief that an enormous amount of attention could be created for our client without too much cost. We are providing our services for you to target the right audience with the right data. We have years of experience in deriving public relations. Our experts are well- familiar with those types of stories that engage more customers. 

For any existing business, knowing how to communicate with its environment is essential. Our company never shies away from suggesting the best tactics to build communication between the service providers and service receivers. The major advantage of good public relations is the promotion of the company’s activities while having an opportunity to build appealing and lasting relations with media stakeholders too. Our digital marketing service is thus responsible for orienting our clients so that they know which medium to turn to. 

Managing public relations requires specific skills such as writing skills (press and web), creativity, a good dose of sociability and belonging to a network. Our specialists have all these skills to boost up your company’s sales and extend your presence in the market. So trust us with your public relations and let our experts take care of building your appealing image in the market. 


7. Influencer marketing

Shifting tremendously from the traditional marketing, influencer marketing is becoming more and more famous nowadays as an effective marketing strategy. This marketing technique is important in improving the visibility of a brand. Pakfreelance is providing its services of influencer marketing to various businesses helping them to reach a wider range of audience. 

Our service, carried out by social media marketing experts, entails building strategic and beneficial relationships with well-recognised personalities having a greater fan following for the distribution of the brand’s content to their community. Today, influencers are playing a significant role in communicating the properties of a particular brand. You might have a question about the effectiveness of influencers marketing for your brand. You are at the right place to find your answers!

When you reach an influencer, the aim is to transmit your product’s idea and your vision to an extended pool of customers. Influencers promote your products, thereby redirecting their followers to your website or your stores. 

Influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, micro celebrities on Twitter and Snapchat) have an influence on their followers. Our experts rely on the media power these celebrities possess and help you take your products effortlessly to an attractive number of prospective customers. 

We hope this information will be helpful for you in making the decision about utilising our services of influencer marketing to promote your brand’s identity. 


8.      Personal/individual branding

Thanks for visiting Pakfreelance for gaining information about our services of personal branding. Over the past years, our consultants of personal branding have helped hundreds of professionals, including authors, poets, and artists, from around the world for the purpose of growing their personal brands and name in the digital world. 


  • A complete analysis and understanding of your personal digital footprint
  • Consulting about PR for helping you in gaining more media coverage 
  • Development of a practical cross-platform strategy for establishing your name as a unique individual across the platforms of your choice
  • Optimization of social media profiles such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for establishing your personal brand.
  • Workshops for personal branding as well as social selling training to larger groups 

Our experts understand the hassle you face when establishing your personal profile in the market. So why worry when Pakfreelance is offering its top-notch and credible personal branding service? Get in touch today and let our experts do all the hassle for you!