Difference between schooling systems in the UK and China 

Are you from China and want to know the differences and similarities between the schooling system of the UK and China? Come on! Let’s explore it together.


Schooling System

The schooling system in every country or region varies depending upon their culture. The parents must analyse the schooling system before sending their children to school as it plays the main role in grooming the children. In this blog, we will be discussing the schooling systems of the UK and China with respect to their similarities and differences. The education system in China has achieved success gradually, which shows a long history of Chinese education. On the other hand, the UK contains a more advanced education system as it plays the role of representative of the western educator.


Comparison of the Schooling System of the UK and China

Let’s have a look at the similarities and differences in the schooling system of the UK and China.


Similarities among the Schooling Systems of the UK and China

Some similarities can be found among the schooling systems of the UK and China because of having the same purpose of education and schooling in every country. Come! Let’s explore what similarities can be found among the schooling systems in the UK and China.


  • The schooling systems of both the UK and China focus on providing the teachers with training for their professional development.
  • The system of primary education, secondary education and higher education are available in the schooling systems of both countries.
  • The schooling systems in the UK and China also focus on the development of the students regarding the philosophy of education.


Differences between the Schooling Systems of the UK and China

There is a difference in the culture, history and economic strength of the UK and China, due to which there is a distinction in their educational ways and schooling systems. You can have a look at these differences in the following points.


  • Difference in Thinking
    • The UK focuses on providing the experiential education to its students, whereas China focuses on the education that provides knowledge to the students.
    • By providing the capacity for education, the teachers in the UK schooling system force the students to understand and get familiar with the phenomena that they intend to know and then take guidance from the teachers to discover new knowledge and find the answers to their queries. The teachers in the UK also focus on developing the skills of taking the initiatives among the students by providing them with the training for a sense of independence. On the other hand, by providing a knowledge education, the teachers in the Chinese schools teach only the concepts that are available in the textbooks, and the exam question can not be out of them. This shows that the teachers of the Chinese schools do not try to develop any extra skills among the students.
  • Difference in the Teaching Methods
  • Both the UK and China contain different methods of teaching for achieving their goals in the education and schooling system. More subjects are being taught to the students in the UK and compared to the ones in China. Along with this, the students in China have to study in the schools for a longer time than the students in the UK.
  • Difference in Number of Students
  • The number of students within the class also varies among the UK and Chinese schooling systems. More than 60 students enrolled in a class in Chinese students, which is twice as compared to the UK classes.
  • Difference in the Centre of the Class
  • The students are considered as the centre of the teaching class. The students play the main role in the process of teaching and learning. Comparatively, the teachers are considered the centre of the teaching class in China. The students totally prefer the teacher for discussions and lectures. The students do not ask any questions from the teachers and consider that the teacher will provide all the knowledge by himself related to a topic or theme.


Which is better? Private or Public schools?

To identify which school system is better, it is important to have detailed knowledge about them. 


Public and private schools offer children secondary and primary level education. Public schools usually charge low as compared to other high profile schools. Most of the public schools are operated on funding systems that are usually controlled by the state or any governmental department. This whole process of controlling public school funding depicts that the expense of public schools is mainly done by taxation as well. 


Every geographical area has its own public school that is located at some distant level. The public schools are advised to give priority admission to those kids who live nearby. With the help of public schools, the chances of providing education to every deserving kid increases. Talking about the learning material, it has been observed that the curriculum for the public schools is decided by the government bodies and that usually occurs at the national or state level.


Even though the public schools are not so technologically advanced, the funding and taxation system usually covers the basic needs of such schools. The number of students in a single classroom exceeds its estimated level, and such classes are mainly jam-packed with kids due to a lack of resources. The teaching staff in public schools are not so qualified. Even if they are qualified enough, it is almost impossible to provide attention to every single kid in a jam-packed class. To keep the standards high at public schools, it is important for the government and schools administration to come up with a standard that prepares children for future challenges. 


On the other hand, Private schools are trending in today’s world and have enabled many students to develop a strong base. Talking about the fee structure of private schools, it has been identified that these schools usually charge higher as compared to the public schools but are totally worth it. The private school operations are mostly sponsored by the student’s fee and are not reliable on any governmental funding systems. If private schools are charging higher fees, they are also providing students with a better educational environment and the latest facilities of technology. 


The learning materials of private schools are approved and decided at the state level, but the way private schools convey that curriculum is very effective. The teaching methods are decided by the school administration so that the quality can be assured. The whole system of deciding either a student is eligible for admission or not is solely based on the administrative panel of private schools. The rules are not only decided for students, teachers also fall in a similar category. Hiring qualified teachers with enough experience level is very crucial for private schools in order to provide students with the best quality education. 


If we talk about physical appearance, then it will not be wrong if votes go for private schools. The size of the classrooms is way bigger than in public schools, and they have to fill students as per the requirement. Jam packing of students is not allowed in private schools. The main reason for moderate classrooms and a better learning environment is the adequate availability of resources. 


If we look at the circumstances and comparison of public and private schools, then it can be said that private schools are more effective than public schools. Choosing the educational system of private school over public school cannot be wrong.