Email marketing 


Unlike a lot of agencies who dismiss email marketing as an “old fashioned” medium, Pakfreelance fully integrates email marketing into most of its multichannel marketing campaigns because we understand how effective this channel is in generating leads and maximising revenue. Get in touch to learn how Pakfreelance can help you attract your target audience, convert them into customers and re-convert previous clients into frequent and loyal customers.


Our emails are automated but personal, and all pass the ‘Turing Test’ for copy quality, ensuring there’s never an issue with a spam score. We carefully analyse every campaign, improving the strategy as required to deliver maximum ROI.

Our email marketing services will help you to:


  • Identify, attract and convert your ideal customer
  • Generate high quality, long-lasting leads
  • Track return on investment
  • Re-engage and nurture existing contacts
  • Implement automation follow up strategy