Learning Entrepreneurship could turn you into a successful entrepreneur. Pakfreelance offers an amazing course on providing essential knowledge about entrepreneurship. This course includes initial information about the key roles and functions of an entrepreneur. Our course also gives valuable information about the challenges and potential threats or risks that are associated with the entrepreneurial program. In the advance module, we provide specialised information on important activities that an entrepreneur is required to do in running its real-time business. An entrepreneur usually performs these tasks or activities during his/her business operations; business administration, financial management, creative and critical thinking, product marketing, leadership and HR management, risk management, and conflict resolution and problem-solving, etc.

This course will lead you towards an entrepreneurial start-up. By learning this course, you will be able to:


  • Understand key entrepreneurial roles 
  • Manage key operations of a new business  
  • Build a team for your start-up and handle staff members 
  • Resolve problems and conflicts efficiently 
  • Maintain accounting and financial records 
  • Creatively think about establishing your business in a competitive market 
  • Manage business risk and marketing efforts systematically