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What business can a 15 years old start in the UK?

Businesses done at a small age enable the individual to lead a successful life in the future. Everyone should have a business mindset that helps them to earn more money and meet their desires. So let’s discuss some business ideas that can be started by teens even at the age of 15 years. But before providing the business ideas, there are some factors that are important to be considered for teenagers. This will help the teens to select an appropriate business idea.


Easy access 

A 15 years old teen faces transportation issues. Such teens either don’t know how to drive the car or are just learning. So a home-based business will be suitable for the teens; they must select a business that is easily accessible. 


Low financial investment 

Most business owners are concerned about starting their businesses with a minimum investment. The same happens with the teens; they don’t have enough money to spend in a business; rather, they only have a small portion of savings. Selecting a business idea for teens that requires a minimum financial investment is a ladder to success in the UK. Thus, the businesses that require a huge investment to get started are out of the pool. 


Flexible hours

Similar to the adults, the teens are also occupied in their lives as they have to give time to their studies and extracurricular activities as well. So, it is important that they must select a business that can be done within flexible hours. The selected business idea must allow teens to work in the evening and on the weekends. 

Now, based on the criteria, there are two business ideas that can be considered by teens. 


Academic tutor

It is one of the great ideas as it does not require any investment. All you need is the skills to teach the students of Grade 1 to 4. A 15 years teen is well qualified to teach such students in the surroundings. People belonging to this age group can teach Science and Maths to students and can generate a sufficient income. So, this is one of the cheapest business ideas, and the teens can provide such services within their society in the UK. 


Car washing

Everyone likes to have their vehicles looking new and shiny, but most people don’t have extra time that they can dedicate to washing their cars. It is simple to start a car washing business; the teens are quite active and energetic, so they can easily do this work. The business can also be started with the minimum costs. All you need is to have a soft sponge, bucket, elbow grease to polish, window cleaner and car washing detergent. There is also no need to travel; the teens can wash the cars in society on weekends or in evenings after getting done with their study rituals. However, it is a great idea for teens to generate their income.


Although there are many more ideas that teens can consider with regard to starting their own business, it majorly rests on the individual preferences and choices. Any idea chosen needs dedicated effort and continuous evaluation so as to make it successful.