Finance & Accounting


Considering the amplifying significance of playing with numerics, Pakfreelance is providing highly valuable and compact courses on finance and accounting. Our financial experts help you understand the key theoretical aspects and commonly employed practices of finance and accounting. Our course includes three modules; fundamental principles & concepts, key statements, real-time statement analysis;


  • In the first module, you will learn the basic concepts and principles of accounting and finance, the difference among financial, cost, and management accounting, financial management and corporate finance.
  • In the second module, you will learn the key accounting and financial statements, financial ratios, and how to make them.


In the last module, which is the advanced level module, you will learn to do real-time financial statement and ratio analyses using real-time companies’ financial data.

This course will give you all the basic-level knowledge about financial and accounting terminologies and principles. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand key financial and accounting statements, financial ratios, and other accounting and financial standards and practices. By adding value to your academic and professional knowledge regarding the subject matter, this course is dedicated to helping you get a good job or a good grade at university.