High demand professions



Thanks to a strong education system, good working conditions and numerous job opportunities, the country has become popular among foreigners as a place to study and then start a career. However, along with all the advantages, there is also a fly in the ointment – a huge competition among graduates for jobs.


Financial Manager

Average salary: £ 68,000 per year.

The withdrawal of England from the European Union provoked a large number of changes that are already being introduced and will still be introduced into accounting at enterprises. Another market factor fueling the demand for financial experts is the attractiveness of UK businesses for foreign investment. The number of M&A deals will grow, and this will allow professionals with the appropriate education and competencies to stay in value. 


Data Analyst

Annual income:  £ 45,000.

Any organization in modern conditions must collect, analyze and securely store a huge number of indicators, so the growing importance of analysts to business is understandable. The enterprise depends on accurate information for strategic decision making, which is derived from rapidly growing volumes of raw information obtained by computers.


Technical Architect

Annual income: £ 66,000.

The specialty is suitable for those who want to combine IT with elements of a leadership role. A technical architect oversees small and large IT projects from start to finish and helps bring them to life. He acts as a liaison between designers and developers and participates in the discussion of the company’s strategy.

The candidate is set a high bar for interdisciplinary aspects. This is due to the fact that the work combines technical and managerial elements. You will need extensive and up-to-date knowledge of software applications and hardware, as well as quality standards, legislation and best practices in the IT industry.


HR Policy Specialist

Average earnings:  £ 50,000.

As the unemployment rate falls, the demand for staffing employees grows, because someone has to look for a labor force and support the adopted personnel policy. To work in HR, it is important to be able to and love to interact with people. For the competent processing of external and internal requests, you will need organizational skills and possession of special psychological techniques.


Site Manager

Annual income:  £ 45,000.

The significant number of infrastructure projects the government has taken over since Brexit ensures that the industry remains on the rise for years to come. Together with ordinary workers, experts with a specialized academic background will also be in demand.


Website / Mobile Application Developer

Average salary: 34.5-52.5 thousand pounds per year.

Technology, communications and consumer electronics are advancing rapidly, and computer systems are already playing a central role in our daily interactions. It is assumed that the effect of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics in the next 5-10 years will transform the labor market. The demand for experts in these matters is growing, so good developers of websites and mobile applications will be able to make money in England on “bread and butter”.