The significance of managing human resources in an organization needs no explanation and Pakfreelance understands it. The company thereby provides you some of the most worthwhile courses that will help you secure a better and more promising position in the job market. We have designed our course in accordance with the recruiting, deploying, compensating and retaining procedures that have been endorsed by the Society of Human Resource Management and is backed by the theoretical literature on the subject matter. The main HRM courses which we are offering at Pakfreelance are:


  • Basic HRM (For Beginners) (In this course, you will be provided with an introduction to key policies, practices and principles of HRM, alternative approaches to manage HR at a fundamental level, and effective policies related to hiring, rewarding, firing and managing the people).


  • Advance-level HRM (This course entails teaching the learners about the strategic implementation of HRM practices and how these practices shall be aligned with the organizational goals to achieve collective financial and non-financial growth)


From this course, you will learn about the importance of connecting HR decisions with the organisational strategy, current issues in HRM and ways to resolve them. So come register with us to fulfil your deficiencies and get a refresher course of HRM.