Pakfreelance fully acknowledges the inevitable and unavoidable role that technology has started to play in people’s lives. Having this approach, the company offers basic Information technology (IT) courses. Our courses are equipped with highly helpful information that enables you to recognise the potential aspects and usage of IT knowledge, which may lead to a better academic and/or career development of learners.


The business landscape is changing, and the demand for IT knowledgeable persons is rising. From routine tasks to major business operations, everything is promptly being shifted on computers. So, we offer some renowned IT & computer courses that are widely demanded in the current marketplace. Our IT course rests on three core aspects:


  •         Basic computer skills
  •         Internet browsing and data extraction
  •         Computer Hardware maintenance 


In the basic computer skills, we provide primary knowledge such as fundamentals of computer, windows installation, software installation, typing skills and MS office (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint).


In the internet browsing and data extraction segment, we will teach you about the power of the internet, the use of Google or other search engines in an advanced or technical way, data searching and extraction strategies.

In our hardware maintenance module, we provide you with basic knowledge about the computer hardware components and basic information about the maintenance of computer hardware problems.      


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