Are you setting your hands on different types of software or are you eager to learn the software that comes in handy when you are dealing with larger datasets? Well, Pakfreelance has got you covered in either case. While courses like SPSS and STATA will help you deal with quantitative interpretations, those like Minitab will give you an added advantage by making you able to deal with extensive datasets. Here are the things that you will be able to get your hands on if you take Minitab Certificate level course at Pakfreelance:


  • Basic understanding of the functions and operations of the software
  • Creating a database 
  • Importing data from Excel or SPSS 
  • Editing, formatting, and addition of data values
  • Conducting data analysis (making frequency tables and descriptive statistics for numerical data, formation of data charts, and graphs etc.) 
  • All sorts of computations  and exporting Minitab tables into MS Word


Starting from giving you the basic understanding of this software to taking you along all the complex and minute issues that are usually faced in analysis, experts of Minitab at Pakfreelance provide an appealing learning experience to its learners.