MS Office (Part II- Excel)


Pakfreelance is offering a comprehensive course in MS Excel. Our course is delivered by a team of highly proficient and trained instructors and is guaranteed to give you an exhaustive and rich understanding of MS Excel. We designed this course to help you learn the complete workings of MS Excel step-by-step. Our course consists of two modules:


  • Basics of MS Excel
  • Advance Formulas development & Data analysis 


In the basic module, we give you the knowledge about all the primary functions of MS Excel; creation of excel sheets, data entry rules (knowledge of ‘sheet cells’), basic formulas, and basic graphs, etc.


The advanced module will provide you with the complex knowledge of MS Excel. This module will guide you in making complex graphs & tables, creation of complex formulas, data analysis (descriptive statistical analysis), and interpretation of graphs and data analysis.  


After this course, you will be able to create numerical data-based detailed reports, prepare financial reports, maintain accounting records, tabular and graphical presentation of data, and descriptive data analysis, etc. So no matter where you work or study, we understand that handling data on Excel is becoming inevitable for enhanced productivity. Apart from dedicatedly teaching everything in detail, our instructors make students keenly and repeatedly practice the excel functions so that their understanding of handling and playing with data helps them outside this course’s environment too.