Are you searching for learning expert-level qualitative analysis? We are offering courses on one of the best qualitative analysis tools NVIVO. The expert instructor of Pakfreelance will assist you to get proficiency in ‘NVIVO’. This tool/software will boost your data analysis skills and will make you an expert qualitative data analyst. To make the course more understanding and clear to you, our experts have divided this course into two levels:


  • Fundamental level
  • Expert level


At the fundamental level, we will provide complete initial information about NVIVO. At this level we will teach you on importing qualitative data into NVIVO, making nodes or coding data files, basic textual or text analysis.


At the expert level, we will teach you about the complete procedure of entering and coding audio & visual data into NVIVO, analysing and interpreting of audio and video-based qualitative data and drawing meaningful findings from the analysis. Understanding the novelty of this course, our tutors are dedicated to offer this course in an extensive and elaborative manner.