Databases are everywhere in every field and they are meant to increase productivity of their users. If you are planning to or already in the field of Computer Science, you definitely need some basic information storing and database handling skills. Our certificate course in Oracle Software will help you become a master of database management. We offer this course in two segments:


  • Basics of Oracle
  • Expert level Oracle knowledge and implementation


At a basic level, you will be able to understand the basic theory and operations of the software, creating a database in Oracle, importing data from other software into Oracle, editing, formatting, and addition of information in the database in Oracle, generation of information system in Oracle, storing data in the updated version without losing already stored information, and drawing meanings out of the data stored. 


At the expert level, you will learn about responsibility creation, chart of accounts, aggregating data within groups, using DDL to create and manage tables, using DML to manipulate data, and attaining data integrity through constraints. 

Our expert-led Oracle program is exactly what you need to secure your Oracle certification. So come join us and take a deep dive into our highly structured and achievement-oriented Oracle training program.