Corporate courses

1.      Basic management training

Pakfreelance acknowledges the recently emerging changes in the business landscape and the essence of getting acquainted with management skills. In our basic management courses, our team of highly qualified trainers demonstrates the role of managers in an organization. Through these courses, we attempt to familiarize the incumbents how they can surf through the challenges emerging in the micro and macro environment, while grasping the evolving opportunities in an optimal manner. Keeping in view the significance of organizational culture, this course teaches the students how they can grow individually and collectively in their organization by aligning their vision with that of the organization. The key skills that will be taught in this module include

  • Planning and leading
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Self management and team management

2.      Conflict management

Conflict is inevitable and happens in all workplaces irrespective of the number of employees working in the organization. But, you want to make things better? Learn Conflict Management with us.

Pakfreelance has a specialized team of instructors that rigorously teaches conflict management tactics and strategies in a series of workshops and/or training sessions. Primarily, the conflict management course outlines the following

  • Understanding of conflicts and how they deteriorate the organizational climate
  • Different types of conflicts at workplace
  • Workable conflict resolution styles
  • Building trust and morale among employees in an environment of conflict
  • Steps to successful intervention
  • Handling resistance when implementing conflict management interventions

Keeping in view the organizational needs, trainers at PakFreelance suggest the most practical and workable strategies to deal with conflicts at workplace. Our team of specialized trainers understands how conflicts hinder organizational goals. Hence, we are dedicated to saving your organization from conflicts and their detrimental impacts.

3.      Team building and teamwork in organizations

With the velocity at which organizational changes are happening, it is becoming very important to have strong command on various organizational skills, including team building and teamwork. Having this approach, we have a dedicated team of instructors who train students regarding team building and teamwork in organizations. Key modules that this course is likely to cover include,

  • Significance of team work and team building in organizations
  • Stages of team development
  • Systematic approach to teamwork
  • Characteristics of high performing teams
  • Reasons why teams fail and strategies to sustain them

This course promises to add value to teams in organizations, thereby facilitating organizational members in managing their teams more effectively. So what are you waiting for? Come register with our team building course and ride your path to organizational success.

4.      Diversity training

How do we learn to accept and cherish our distinctions? To put it another way, how can we investigate and embrace diversity?

The course of diversity training that we are offering will assist you in expanding your knowledge and awareness of diversity, allowing you to build more open and inclusive workplaces that are welcoming to all.

Experts at Pakfreelance will discuss the following topics in this course:

  1. Diverse dexterity phases
  2. Ethnocentric and ethno relative perspectives
  3. Attitudes, abilities, and knowledge that promote diversity
  4. Building and sustaining diverse and inclusive team
  5. Ways to handle biases and conflicts in a diverse working environment

Our team of competent trainers is practiced in managing diverse working environment and thus, transfers theoretical knowledge and experiences to the candidates pursuing this course. This course is aimed at enhancing your capabilities to handle multicultural and diverse teams at individual as well as organizational levels.

5.      Relationship management

Finding it difficult to win customers for your product/service? Come register with our relationship management course, which guides you effective strategies of building sustainable relationships with customers. We understand the competitiveness emerging in the environment and how hard it is to retain customers. For this very reason, the key is to build relationships through which a brand can call its customers back even after one purchase. By the end of our relationship management course, our expert trainers will enable you to

  • Understand the key elements of relationship marketing and customer relationship management
  • Have the ability to gauge the organization’s relationships with its key internal and external stakeholders
  • Grasping the essence of CRM in selling your unique value proposition to the desired and targeted customers
  • Develop an understanding of how to improve customer relationships and make them last long

Student development courses

1.      Become a freelance writer course

Who doesn’t know how fast freelance writing is taking over the gig market? Freelance writing is coming out to be a great career option, particularly for individuals who love working in their own comfort zones. But it can be a tricky field to work from anywhere, especially away from a corporate setting, where nobody is there to guide you. One always needs a guiding crash course on how to make a living as a freelance writer. So what else can be better than a course Pak Freelance is offering you?

Our experts of freelance writing will not only give you a refresher for Basic English Grammar rules but will help you reach a position where you attain a credible profile of a freelance writer. By opting this course at Pak Freelance you will be able to learn the following

  1. Three characteristics of top freelance writers
  2. Looking for freelance work through the right sources
  3. Securing your payments by establishing a relation of trust with your clients
  4. Becoming an elite writer who can conveniently demand high rates for high quality work
  5. Avoiding torturous corporate jobs that snatch your freedom
  6. Understanding the whole freelance writing market and where you fit in work successfully

So what are you waiting for? Come book your slots with us and gear up to become a successful freelance writer!

2. Alternative learning pathway course (for foreign universities’ admissions)

Worried about the loopholes in your educational grooming because of your missed years at school? We are here to cover you up. PakFreelance now offers Alternative Learning Pathway courses especially for students who wish to complete their essential education to qualify for their desired degree programs in foreign universities. From assessing your academic requirements to assist you in reaching the university you dream of, our specialists of ALP course will be providing you an exhaustive academic support. Through their dedicated academic counselling services, these experts make sure that students do not compromise on their careers and secure the degrees they want in the most hassle free manner. So register with us and get the academic support you need right away!

Digital Platforms

1.      SEO and digital marketing

Who doesn’t cherish the growth and development that digital media has been seeing lately? We understand how our students aspire to be a part of this growing sphere. Our courses pertaining to digital platforms seek to equip students with the essential digital media skills through which they can advance their careers.

In the course of SEO and digital marketing, we will teach you various areas of the modern digital marketing environment, social media marketing, search engine optimization and digital marketing analytics etc. Our experts believe that merely writing the content is not sufficient in this competitive era. They are hence dedicated to teaching the most practical and workable SEO tactics with which you can grow the popularity of your content in an organic and convenient manner. From the basic concepts behind Google search and other search engine algorithms, such as on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for international and domestic audiences, to practical and real-world skills for a career in digital marketing, our instructors take a hands on approach to equip students with the most in-demand skills. Do not waste any more time. Enroll yourself in our digital marketing course and pave your way to a progressing culture.

2.      Content creation

We at Pakfreelance are providing you with our courses of content creation. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to market your product/service in the right way, you are at a right place! Our instructors of content creation are of the view that it is the content that rightly and justly explain your product to your customers. These courses will help you in finding, sorting, filtering, and organizing information in order to share the most relevant and easy-to-understand content with your users.

You want to increase traffic to your website? Content creation will help you by connecting and engaging with your community on social networks. Our courses aim to drive more visitors to your site and increase the reach of your social pages and posts so that your brand remains in eyes of internet users. This course is primarily composed of the following modules

  • Role of appealing content creation in organizational success
  • Knowledge and skills needed for effective content creation
  • Essential elements of effective content as per the target platform
  • Content Management
  • Reliability, accuracy, completeness of the content
  • Tools and aids for evaluating content success

3.      Social media networking

You have come to the perfect place if you have already been experimenting with social media platforms for your business or if you are totally new to the world of digital marketing. We, here at Pakfreelance, provide you a chance to practice social media marketing skills. Our digital and social media marketing professionals rigorously guide candidates about how to build an appealing image and reputation on social media. Be it selling a product or promoting a social cause, our professionals thoroughly guide you about the essential skills to build a strong communication network on social media platforms. By the end of this course, learners will be able to

  • Understand the social media landscape and the role it plays in marketing
  • Develop SMART social media networking goals to achieve the set targets
  • Have a clear understanding of the target audience and its key characteristics
  • Identify key performance indicators and evaluation strategies to gauge their social media performance

Pakfreelance also gives the opportunity to pair up this course with the content management course so as to understand how content facilitates success on social media platforms. So sign up with us right now and avail this opportunity of becoming social media marketing champions.

4.      Business analytics

Experts at Pakfreelance realize the massive growth and significance of data and hence have dedicated a distinct course to nourish analytics skills among users. Business analytics, one of the most sought-after domains, introduces all business professionals to big data analytics, including those with zero previous analytics knowledge. Our highly qualified team of business and data analytics experts understands how inevitable it has become to manage data, particularly at organizational level. This course aims to guide individuals regarding how to make key business decisions on the basis of data and information. The Essential modules of this course include

  • Overview of business analytics
  • Data issues and ways to handle them
  • Data mining
  • Decision modeling
  • So come register with us and get the most out of our business analytics course!

Technical and software programs

MS Office (Part I- all applications except Excel)

Technical and software programs

  1. MS Office (Part I- all applications except Excel)

Facing difficulties in your college assignments or job tasks for not having expertise in Microsoft Office? Don’t worry! We are here to provide you all the knowledge that you need about MS Office. ‘Pakfreelance’ offers an inclusive course of MS office that includes; MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, MS Publisher, and SharePoint. We offer a special comprehensive course on MS Excel separately. 

In this course, you will learn about all the basic functions of MS Office. This course will enable you to make all the basic documentations, including

  • CV building 
  • Assignments and reports making 
  • Formal letter writing
  • Presentation building on PowerPoint
  • Formatting requirements and details of MS Office and PowerPoint 
  • Making interactive documents and presentations (by use of graphics, animations, audio-visual elements etc.)

Also, this course will provide you detailed information about the basic functions, operations, and use of MS Access, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, MS Publisher, and SharePoint that will enhance your IT skills.

  1. MS Office (Part II- Excel)

‘Pakfreelance’ is offering a comprehensive course in MS Excel. Our course is delivered by a team of highly proficient and trained instructors and is guaranteed to give you an exhaustive and rich understanding of MS Excel. We designed this course to help you learn the complete workings of MS Excel step-by-step. Our course consists of two modules;

  •      Basics of MS Excel
  •      Advance Formulas development & Data analysis   

In the basic module, we give you the knowledge about all the primary functions of MS Excel; creation of excel sheets, data entry rules (knowledge of ‘sheet cells’), basic formulas, and basic graphs, etc.

The advanced module will provide you with the complex knowledge of MS Excel. This module will guide you in making complex graphs & tables, creation of complex formulas, data analysis (descriptive statistical analysis), and interpretation of graphs and data analysis.  

After this course, you will be able to create numerical data-based detailed reports, prepare financial reports, maintain accounting records, tabular and graphical presentation of data, and descriptive data analysis, etc. So no matter where you work or study, we understand that handling data on Excel is becoming inevitable for enhanced productivity. Apart from dedicatedly teaching everything in detail, our instructors make students keenly and repeatedly practice the excel functions so that their understanding of handling and playing with data helps them outside this course’s environment too. 

  1. Oracle 

Databases are everywhere in every field and they are meant to increase productivity of their users. If you are planning to or already in the field of Computer Science, you definitely need some basic information storing and database handling skills. Our certificate course in Oracle Software will help you become a master of database management.

We offer this course in two segments;

  • Basics of Oracle
  • Expert level Oracle knowledge and implementation

At a basic level, you will be able to understand the basic theory and operations of the software, creating a database in Oracle, importing data from other software into Oracle, editing, formatting, and addition of information in the database in Oracle, generation of information system in Oracle, storing data in the updated version without losing already stored information, and drawing meanings out of the data stored. 

At the expert level, you will learn about responsibility creation, chart of accounts, aggregating data within groups, using DDL to create and manage tables, using DML to manipulate data, and attaining data integrity through constraints. 

Our expert-led Oracle program is exactly what you need to secure your Oracle certification. So come join us and take a deep dive into our highly structured and achievement-oriented Oracle training program. 

  1. SPSS

Are you looking for an easy way to learn Quantitative data analysis? So, here we present a course on an extensively used Quantitative data analysis tool ‘SPSS’. We offer two modules of SPSS;

  •         Fundamentals of SPSS
  •         Advanced complex analysis on SPSS 

At the fundamental level, we provide the essentials of SPSS that include; data entry in SPSS, coding and value assigning to variables, descriptive analysis, graphs, charts, and frequency tables, basic measures of central tendency, and their interpretations to build the basis of meaningful results. 

At the advanced level, our experts will train you on getting acceptable reliability and validity of your chosen scales, conducting basic and complex regression analyses, mediation and moderation analysis using ‘Process by Hayes’, and interpretation of regression and moderation & mediation analysis to bring about the best results of your hypothesis tested.

From the basics to advance level analysis techniques, this course is driven by a team of highly specialised experts who commit to assist you in carrying out your research work successfully. Want to learn more? Pair this course with our Research Methodology course and take the opportunity to have an exhaustive learning experience of research writing. 

  1. Peachtree/ QuickBooks/Tally/Basic Accounting Books Accounting (Accounting software)

Are you willing to get out of the traditional paperwork accounting and want to learn computerised accounting? ‘Pakfreelance’ brings you an exhaustive and comprehensive course that teaches commonly used accounting software. We aim to enable our students to get expertise in computerised accounting. We offer a wide range of accounting software that helps you to become an expert in computer-based accounting. From the basic level to the complex level, we provide complete training related to having an experiential and learned understanding of computerised accounting.

In the basic or initial level, you will learn about the initial functions of the accounting software and how they work, creation or making of relevant company books, creation of a chart of accounts, creation of vouchers and orders, payroll & wages management system, and creation of database and backup of the company’s accounting systems.

Whereas in advance level, you will practically learn about the complete accounting cycle; recording accounting transactions (journal entries) to the preparation of Final accounts, reconciliation of bank statements, and preparation of all-encompassing accounting reports, etc. Whether you are a student of business management or heading accounts department at your organization, this course will add to your theoretical and practical understanding of accounting principles and techniques. 

  1. AMOS

Willing to learn various software programs to facilitate your research knowledge? ‘Pakfreelance’ offers a training course on ‘AMOS’. AMOS is one of the highly renowned and widely used software in academic and professional research works. Our highly experienced experts will guide you comprehensively in the easiest and effective way that you can grasp expertise in this quantitative analysis tool. We offer this course as an advanced or extended version of SPSS. So, pairing this course up with our course of SPSS will give you an added advantage and elevated knowledge of quantitative analysis techniques. As an advanced-level course, our team of skilled and well-qualified experts will enable you to learn and practice complex statistical analyses in this course.

In this course, you will learn about doing confirmatory analysis, the establishment of validity and reliability of the scale, structural equation modelling technique, analysis and interpretation of complex path models, and getting insights from multivariate data using AMOS.

This course will help you to become an expert of quantitative data analysis. Its capability of solving more complex problems and analysis of complex path models using structural equation modelling techniques makes it more valuable and makes you more confident and expert in conducting real-time research.

  1. PLS

Do you want expertise in a renowned quantitative analysis software ‘Smart PLS’? We are here for you. ‘Pakfreelance’ offers a comprehensive training course on one of the best quantitative analysis software Smart PLS. Our experts will help you to get expertise in Smart PLS. In order to make the learning more systematic and organized, our experts have divided this course into two sections;

  • Basis of Smart PLS
  • Advanced mediation & moderation analysis on Smart PLS

At the basic level, you will learn data importing into Smart PLS, creation of basic analysis models, initial measurement of the model using structural equation modelling (SEM), factor analysis, and simple Bootstrapping.

At the advanced and complex level, you will learn complex model formulations, mediation and moderation analyses, complex Bootstrapping, using complex structural equation modelling (SEM), and interpretations of analysis results.

Learning this course will enhance your knowledge about quantitative data analyses that will be very useful in your academic and professional life research works. We invite you to attain a better knowledge of the courses by offering complementary courses of SPSS and AMOS. Together these courses are committed to multiplying your quantitative analysis skills. 

  1. STATA

Are you looking to have an advanced-level grip on quantitative analysis? ‘Pakfreelance’ offers a beginner-level detailed course on STATA along with the courses of SPSS, AMOS and PLS. From guiding about the fundamentals of STATA to attaining a pragmatic experience of basic and advance-level coding of the software, our experts are determined to increase your quantitative reasoning and interpretations abilities. 

This course includes the basics of STATA, data entry in STATA, data manipulation, descriptive statistics, making graphs & data visualisation, parametric and non-parametric statistical analyses and their interpretation.

So if you want to enhance the value of your research work, Pakfreelance provides you the opportunity to learn STATA. Led by a team of highly proficient and expert tutors, this course will enable you to present your quantitative analysis-based data results into graphical form and do complex statistical analyses having strong interpretation skills.

  1. Tableau 

Do you deal with data visualization very often? Are you bored with Excel or SPSS graphics? Learn Tableau to get command on designing and creating graphs, charts, tables of multi-layered formatting and editing styles. ‘Pakfreelance’ offers you a certificate-level course on Tableau software which can give you a sound grip on data handling and data visualization techniques. This course will provide comprehensive information about Tableau and enable you to become a good reporting and data analyst.

In this course you will learn about the basic introduction of Tableau, cleaning up of data and connection to several of data sources, data visualisation using graphs, column charts, bar-plots, histogram, and frequency curves, creation of pivot tables, presentation of geographical data using maps, visual analytics, cluster creations, filtering of data parameters, annotations, and a lot more, that will give you an overarching experience of data and business analytics. So pick up your phones, register with us and let us make you proficient in your visualisation skills. 

  1. Minitab

Are you setting your hands on different types of software or are you eager to learn the software that comes in handy when you are dealing with larger datasets? Well, ‘Pakfreelance’ has got you covered in either case. While courses like SPSS and STATA will help you deal with quantitative interpretations, those like Minitab will give you an added advantage by making you able to deal with extensive datasets. Here are the things that you will be able to get your hands on if you take Minitab Certificate level course at Pakfreelance;

  • Basic understanding of the functions and operations of the software
  • Creating a database 
  • Importing data from Excel or SPSS 
  • Editing, formatting, and addition of data values
  • Conducting data analysis (making frequency tables and descriptive statistics for numerical data, formation of data charts, and graphs etc.) 
  • All sorts of computations  and exporting Minitab tables into MS Word

Starting from giving you the basic understanding of this software to taking you along all the complex and minute issues that are usually faced in analysis, experts of Minitab at Pakfreelance provide an appealing learning experience to its learners. 

  1. SAP

Are you eager to learn quick techniques of data processing? Or do you belong to a business-related field? If the answer to any of these is yes, you need to get your hands on SAP certification. ‘Pakfreelance’ provides you the opportunity to have an expert level course on SAP software particularly. The module of the SAP course will cover the following:

  • Basic understanding and technicalities of the SAP software 
  • Creation of an information database 
  • Reading SAP-based data 
  • Various Data Processing techniques 
  • Managing Business Analytics 
  • Quality Management and Finance & Controlling (SAP QM & SAP FICO) 
  • Production Planning (SAP PP) and Human Capital Management (SAP HCM)
  • Sales and Distributions through SAP (SAP SD) 
  • Material Management in SAP (SAP MM) 
  • Project System (SAP PS) 
  • Plant Maintenance in SAP Software (SAP PM) 

However, the course entails a lot more than what we have listed here. Learning SAP will provide you huge opportunities to get a superior job in any multinational or highly reputed local firm. So come register with us and develop your skills to attain the most appealing position in the job market. 

  1. NVIVO

Are you searching for learning expert-level qualitative analysis? We are offering courses on one of the best qualitative analysis tools NVIVO. The expert instructor of ‘Pakfreelance’ will assist you to get proficiency in ‘NVIVO’. This tool/software will boost your data analysis skills and will make you an expert qualitative data analyst. To make the course more understanding and clear to you, our experts have divided this course into two levels;

  • Fundamental level
  • Expert level         

At the fundamental level, we will provide complete initial information about NVIVO. At this level we will teach you on importing qualitative data into NVIVO, making nodes or coding data files, basic textual or text analysis.

At the expert level, we will teach you about the complete procedure of entering and coding audio & visual data into NVIVO, analysing and interpreting of audio and video-based qualitative data and drawing meaningful findings from the analysis. Understanding the novelty of this course, our tutors are dedicated to offer this course in an extensive and elaborative manner.

Programming languages

1.      PHP

Want to learn the most popular programming language?  Learn from the certified instructors of Pakfreelance.

We understand that you are willing to learn about the development of professional and appealing websites. Our team of specialists will help you achieve your goals by delivering the best training in PHP along with hands-on practical experience. Our exhaustive course of PHP is committed to help you in getting a better job in the IT industry.

What will you learn?

  1. PHP programming landscape 
  2. Working with the data types and variables
  3. Creating arrays
  4. Using PHP to manipulate the files
  5. Understanding variables in PHP
  6. Making calculations and understanding the numeric properties 
  7. Identification and handling of the main error types  that occur while programming
  8. Generating and interpreting queries generated by MySQL

No matter what you are looking for, an attractive job in the market, a freelance career in PHP developer, or the highest grades in your university assignment about PHP, Pakfreelance helps you to achieve your goals.

2.                  Java

Want to learn the skills required to be a Java Programmer? Become a master in Java programming language with Pakfreelance. 

Throughout the course, Pakfreelance will make you go through the hands-on-labs to get experience by following the lessons taught in our courses. 

We ensure you that you will learn:

  1. The basic functions and syntax of the Java programming language
  2. How to apply the object-oriented techniques to build classes, create objects and understand how the solutions are packaged in Java
  3. How to use the selected parts of the vast Java class library to enhance the techniques of Java programming
  4. The way to apply polymorphism and inheritance in Java
  5. How to use the chosen parts of the vast Java SE class library to enhance the techniques of Java programming. 

Skills you will achieve:

  1. Java Programming
  2. Java Database Connectivity
  3. Java Class Library 
  4. Object-Oriented programming

So what are you waiting for? Come register with our Java course and ride the path of becoming a Java expert immediately. 

3.                  C++

Pakfreelance acknowledges the hassles faced by IT students and how they crave for additional courses to have a better grip on C++. The company offers an extensive and rigorous C++ course, which aims to make learners have a more elevated understanding of this language. Teaching in a collaborative and learned environment, Pakfreelance makes sure that learners have a pleasing learning experience despite the difficulty of the subject. 

Pakfreelance has designed this course for those who have an adequate knowledge of programming languages and wish to learn C++. From the basics like built-in types, arrays and pointers to advance-level concepts like polymorphic programming and code reusing, our team of programming experts takes the opportunity to make this course as knowledgeable and thorough as possible. 

We will not only teach what a function is, but we will enable you to create a function on your own. Our instructors will teach you what they have learned from their professional experiences while working on C++ programming language in corporate and academic environment. This course also includes basic tips and tricks from the designer of C++ programming language. So come register with us and allow us to provide you an exhaustive and comprehensive learning experience in a comfortable environment. 

4.                  Python

Still struggling with python? Want to boost your programming skills? We at Pakfreelance are offering ‘Basics of Python’. You may have a lot of ideas, but if you don’t know where to start and how to start, join us. We will help you in developing programming skills by starting from very basic concepts of Python. If you want to see yourself as a king developer in future you must join us. We provide a flexible and comfortable environment where students can learn programming languages from basic to advanced level. Our highly qualified and professional instructors will develop your programming skills. During the course we will be working on HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. The course content will include the following:

  • Statements and blocks
  • Understanding variables
  • Creating variables
  • Data structures of python programming language
  • Basics of procedural programming
  • Python built-in data structures

Soft Skills

1.      Communication (oral, written and non-verbal)

We at Pakfreelance understand the essence of good communication at personal and professional arenas and are thus dedicated to teach you worthy communication skills. Our specialization courses in communication will enable you to achieve your professional goals by effectively communicating with your clients, partners, employees and employees. Whether you are expanding your business internationally, signing a partnership agreement with an international client, or applying for a job at your dream place, our specialized English communication skills course will be there to help you achieve your goal. The communication course at PakFreelance possesses three modules

  • Oral English Communication Skills
  • Written English Communication Skills
  • Non-Verbal English Communication Skills

You can apply for the modules of your choice according to your ease and availability. Primarily, our modules cover up the following content

  • Improving Communication Skills (Learn how you can effectively communication at work and obtain desirable objectives)
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Skills & Strategies (Learn how you can negotiate at personal level, landlords, employers, family and others)
  • Teamwork Skills: Effective Communication in Groups (Learn how you can effectively work in team and group and gain personal and professional success)
  • Business English Communication Skills (Specialize in communicating effectively in English in Professional context, improve your writing and speaking ability in English)
  • Presentation Skills (Become specialized in storytelling and speech delivery)

2.      Team building

Pakfreelance is also offering team-building courses, where you can develop the teaming proficiencies in you. We are offering team-building courses for individuals as well as organizations. From completing university projects to working for a collective goal, we understand that teamwork is gradually becoming inevitable both at academic as well as professional level. Team building workshops and activities are arranged during this course to develop the skills of creating effective and synergetic teams, which enable you to work in a team more efficiently. We offer different modules in our Team Building Course including, team development, team collaboration, and achieving team goals. Whether you are an individual or organization, you can avail modules of this course as per your choice. By the end of this course, learners will be able to

  • Build effective and synergetic teams of diverse individuals
  • Handling conflicts among teams
  • Ensuring the achievement of individual and collective goals
  • Sustaining teams and evaluating the achievement of goals

3.      Leadership

We at Pakfreelance believe that leadership is gradually becoming the essence of success in this era. We are offering different leadership courses for the personal as well as professional growth of individuals. The most qualified and influential leaders at Pakfreelance equip you with the skills necessary for leading not only your own self but your followers in your personal and/or professional space. These courses will also enable you to develop a positive, confident, honest and transparent attitude, and an ability to delegate tasks in a rightful manner. Our experts believe that leaders are the drivers of change in an organization and thus teach the learners how they can exemplify themselves to bring out the desired change. Those who enroll in this course will be able to

  • Understand the key leadership skills and styles
  • Create a vision for themselves that can be translated to their followers
  • Develop comfortable relationships with their followers and influence them
  • Understand the essence of ethics and morals in leadership
  • Evaluate their leadership effectiveness for their own selves as well as their followers

4.      Time management

Pakfreelance is offering the Time Management Course, which will help you to embrace the essence of managing your own self with the passing time. Our team of experts understands the significance of managing time effectively and helps you schedule yourself in a way to avoid the wastage of even a single minute. This course seeks to develop the skills of eliminating mental distraction and teach the ways that can maximize your efficiency level. We have three modules in this course which include; Introduction to Time Management, Scheduling and Planning Work, and Evaluating oneself to keep track of the time spent.

Pakfreelance is offering a range of courses related to time management which can bring efficiency and effectiveness in managing your time. The courses related to time management which we are offering include;

  • Goal setting as per the time available
  • Fundamentals of time management (focusing on time and resources)
  • Prioritization of the assigned tasks
  • Managing uncertainties
  • Evaluating performance and taking corrective action where needed

5.      Problem solving and decision making

Pakfreelance understands the difficulty that people face when resolving their problems and how these problems tend to impact their decision making. We are offering the Problem-Solving and Decision Making Course to help you in analyzing the problems, their reasons and the appropriate decisions that should be made to resolve those problems by enhancing your brainstorming skills.

This course emphasizes the significance of an individual’s locus of control. Our team of experts brings learners’ attention to their areas of concern and control, thereby helping them determine how to cope with the problems they are surrounded with. By correctly identifying the problems, we help learners take rational decisions, based upon objective and unbiased perceptions.  So head on to the registration button and join us to develop these skills and excel in personal and professional life.

Technical skills

1.   Website designing and development (WordPress, Java, Python)

Considering the technological revolution happening lately, Pakfreelance offers website designing and development courses. Our team of experts is proficient in multiple tools and languages that are deemed mandatory for website development and hence trains people about developing websites on wordpress with the understanding of languages like Java and Python. From familiarizing with the basic interface of website editor to guiding about developing, editing and maintaining multiple pages, our course covers all you need to become a proficient website developer. Different modules falling under this course include

  • Tools and concepts regarding the formatting and development of different pages on website
  • Conventions and scripts/languages used to develop webpages
  • Planning a website, its layout and structuring in accordance with the user’s requirements 
  • Hands on understanding of HTML and WYSIWYG editors, tags, viewing, editing, and linking documents

2.   Graphic designing

Our emphasis on the development of digitization skills is justified by our distinct and dedicated courses. At Pakfreelance, we provide a platform for the personal as well as professional grooming of our learners. The course of Graphic Designing also seeks to achieve the same. Our professionals are trained in multiple software programs related to graphic designing and have designed three modules for this course, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. From understanding the basics to giving learners a hands-on experience of graphic designing, our team of experts are determined to develop optimal graphic designing proficiencies in a collaborative environment. What’s more fascinating is the fact that the modules of graphic designing will be provided to you through any digital medium so that learners can enhance their skills by repeated practice sessions. 

3.   Photo/Video editing

Worried about how to make your Instagram profile look attractive? Come learn some most sought-after photo and video editing skills with us. Pakfreelance has designed a photo and video editing course for you, which will enable you to become a champion in this field. In this module, we will teach you how you can use the Adobe Premium Pro and become a professional video editor.  Some of the important elements of this course include 

Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing: Masterclass (You will learn about basic and fundamental issues like; cropping and white balancing, creating your own light room presets, and noise reduction and sharpening to increase quality of photos).

Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing: (It will enable you to develop your own Demo-Reel, editing tools in Premiere Pro CC, wholly Video Editing Process, and editing monitor within Premiere Pro CC from Trim Monitor to Speed adjustment Monitors).

Want to achieve more? We provide you the opportunity of pairing this course with our graphic designing course so as to have a more advanced-level proficiency in making your photos and videos even more appealing. So don’t let this grooming opportunity fade out. Sign up with us right away!

Research and writing

1. Research methodology

Have you got your topic approved by your supervisor and cannot wait to start your research? Do you have the urge to get the highest score in your dissertation but do not want to compromise on any portion of your research?

At Pakfreelance, we offer the modules, where you can attain the expertise in the following methodological approaches.

Module 1

  •         Types of research (Exploratory, Descriptive, Analytical and Predictive)
  •         Research Approaches (Qualitative/Quantitative, Basic/Applied, Inductive/Deductive)

Module 2

  •   Research Philosophies (Positivistic philosophies (Surveys, Experimental and Longitudinal Studies, and Cross-sectional Studies) and Phenomenological philosophies (Case studies, action research, ethnography, participative enquiry, feminist perspectives and grounded theory))
  •         Data and Information Gathering (One-to-one interviews, focus groups, participant observation and questionnaire survey)
  •         Size and Sampling (Probability Sampling and Non-probability sampling, choosing the right sampling technique)

Module 3

  •         Data Analysis Techniques (Thematic analysis, Content analysis, Discourse analysis, descriptive analysis, dispersion analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, and time series analysis)
  •         Ethical considerations and 

Hence, we provide you the best courses related to Research methodology that will help you in writing a section of methodology.

2. Research writing

No matter which field you belong to, research has its scope and significance everywhere. From launching a new product in market to digging your favourite subject in detail, knowledge and skill of research writing will serve you everywhere. Our team of highly proficient and skills research writers at Pakfreelance trains the learners to adopt the most demanded research writing skills. By studying the research writing course, you will be able to secure a better grade at the research project in your university.

Key modules that will be taught in this course include

Module 1:

  •         Report Writing
  •         Reflective Writing
  •         Reflective and Simple Essays
  •         Annotated Bibliography

The positive point is that you will get the opportunity to conduct research on numerous academic topics, develop a thoughtful outline of your essays, and write and publish your own research paper.

In the module 2, we will cover;

  •         Researching the relevant and credible sources
  •         Formulating practical and testable research objectives 
  •         Proposal Writing and Dissertation Writing

After this module, you will become capable of successfully writing your dissertation proposal and complete dissertation. In terms of completing your dissertation, this course will give you the confidence to dedicatedly work on every element of the dissertation on your own, from problem formulation to reporting the results and drawing meaningful conclusions out of your work. Apart from the theoretical guidance, our proficient and experienced researchers will make you practice the lessons so that you develop strong capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Come grab this opportunity of developing this skill in a highly collaborative environment at Pakfreelance. 

3. Report/essay writing

If you are running out of time to complete your report assignment and it is becoming challenging for you to catch up with the provided deadline, then Pakfreelance has a solution to your problem. We possess highly-skilled expert team at Pakfreelance that can make you well capable to enhance your reports/essay writing. Here are three report/essay writing courses that we are offering at Pakfreelance;

English Writing (For beginners): (Choosing topic, Introduction to Research, Language for Research Writing and Citation and Formatting)

After getting this course, you will learn about handling the professional or college level course and will become expert in handling academic assignments.

Advanced Writing: (You will be taught about writing and planning sophisticated argumentative essays, identifying and preventing plagiarism, making relationships with articles, and using credible academic sources while writing an essay. The main benefit is that you will be capable to upsurge you academic writing skills)

Creative Writing Specialisation: (In this course, you will be provided special creative writing genres that will be narrative essay, memoir, and short story. The main learning that you will get from this course is that you will grasp the technical skills that a good writer needs to compose for a bracing story and grab the attention of readers).  


4. Quality management

We, here at Pakfreelance, do not let you compromise on the quality of work. High quality and error-free work is on the top of what we value in the organization. We have an expert team of quality management professionals that will provide you guidance according to their expertise regarding how to ensure optimal level of quality in your academic and research work. We only work with the best staff members who can assist you in quality work. Key modules that will be included in this course are 

Quality Management for gaining Business Excellence (You can learn about Garvin’s eight dimensions of quality, get understanding between quality control and quality assurance)

Quality Procedures & SOPs (You will learn about rules of writing, breaking down the writing process into steps, and differentiation between work instruction and how to implement those instructions)

Subject specific

1.      Marketing

We at Pakfreelance provide you some of the most worthwhile courses that will give you an extra edge over the individual in the job market. The main marketing courses which we are offering at Pakfreelance are;

Basic Marketing Course (For Beginners): (In this course, we will teach you about the roles of Marketing, promotional activities regarding traditional marketing and promotional activities regarding digital advertising at basic level)

Advanced marketing course (This course entails guiding learners about key marketing decisions at national and international level, including new product launching, promotion, international market entry and evaluation of marketing efforts)

Marketing course at Pakfreelance, taught by a team of highly proficient and high-calibre marketers, aims to give a refresher of key marketing concepts that is essential for marketing specialists working in local and international organizations. 

2.                  HRM

The significance of managing human resources in an organization needs no explanation and Pakfreelance understands it. The company thereby provides you some of the most worthwhile courses that will help you secure a better and more promising position in the job market. We have designed our course in accordance with the recruiting, deploying, compensating and retaining procedures that have been endorsed by the Society of Human Resource Management and is backed by the theoretical literature on the subject matter. The main HRM courses which we are offering at Pakfreelance are;

Basic HRM (For Beginners) (In this course, you will be provided with an introduction to key policies, practices and principles of HRM, alternative approaches to manage HR at a fundamental level, and effective policies related to hiring, rewarding, firing and managing the people).

Advance-level HRM (This course entails teaching the learners about the strategic implementation of HRM practices and how these practices shall be aligned with the organizational goals to achieve collective financial and non-financial growth)

From this course, you will learn about the importance of connecting HR decisions with the organisational strategy, current issues in HRM and ways to resolve them. So come register with us to fulfil your deficiencies and get a refresher course of HRM. 

3.                  Operations and Logistics

‘Pakfreelance’ presents a renowned course on business operations and logistics management. We have highly proficient and experienced pool of trainers that serves these services in the local and international marketplace. Having a vast experience and rich knowledge in their fields, these trainers guide you regarding each and every aspect and activity pertaining operations and logistics management. We offer this course to provide initial as well as specialised knowledge to make them able to meet the current global market needs as the demand of operations and logistics managers is accelerating across the international borders. ‘Pakfreelance’ enables people to stand out in the global market in the field of operations and logistics management through its dedicated course containing two module           

  • Fundamentals of operations and logistics management
  • Specialised activities in operations and logistics

At a fundamental level, we provide essential information regarding the common activities that are performed in operations and logistics management; supply chain management, inventory management, project management and transportation management, etc. In this, we provide basic introduction & functions and general responsibilities of these activities.

In the specialised module, we offer our students practical and hands-on knowledge about the tools and strategies that are used in operations and logistics management. So come grab this opportunity to get a refresher of operations and logistics management with our rigorous course and well-trained instructors.  

4.                  Finance & Accounting

Considering the amplifying significance of playing with numerics, Pakfreelance is providing highly valuable and compact courses on finance and accounting. Our financial experts help you understand the key theoretical aspects and commonly employed practices of finance and accounting. Our course includes three modules; fundamental principles & concepts, key statements, real-time statement analysis;

In the first module, you will learn the basic concepts and principles of accounting and finance, the difference among financial, cost, and management accounting, financial management and corporate finance.

In the second module, you will learn the key accounting and financial statements, financial ratios, and how to make them.

In the last module, which is the advanced level module, you will learn to do real-time financial statement and ratio analyses using real-time companies’ financial data.

This course will give you all the basic-level knowledge about financial and accounting terminologies and principles. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand key financial and accounting statements, financial ratios, and other accounting and financial standards and practices. By adding value to your academic and professional knowledge regarding the subject matter, this course is dedicated to helping you get a good job or a good grade at university.     

5.                  IT

‘Pakfreelance’ fully acknowledges the inevitable and unavoidable role that technology has started to play in people’s lives. Having this approach, the company offers basic Information technology (IT) courses. Our courses are equipped with highly helpful information that enables you to recognise the potential aspects and usage of IT knowledge, which may lead to a better academic and/or career development of learners.

The business landscape is changing, and the demand for IT knowledgeable persons is rising. From routine tasks to major business operations, everything is promptly being shifted on computers. So, we offer some renowned IT & computer courses that are widely demanded in the current marketplace. Our IT course rests on three core aspects;

  •         Basic computer skills
  •         Internet browsing and data extraction
  •         Computer Hardware maintenance 

In the basic computer skills, we provide primary knowledge such as fundamentals of computer, windows installation, software installation, typing skills and MS office (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint).

In the internet browsing and data extraction segment, we will teach you about the power of the internet, the use of Google or other search engines in an advanced or technical way, data searching and extraction strategies.

In our hardware maintenance module, we provide you with basic knowledge about the computer hardware components and basic information about the maintenance of computer hardware problems.        

Sign up with us and make the most out of our basic IT skills!

6.                  Entrepreneurship

Learning Entrepreneurship could turn you into a successful entrepreneur. ‘Pakfreelance’ offers an amazing course on providing essential knowledge about entrepreneurship. This course includes initial information about the key roles and functions of an entrepreneur. Our course also gives valuable information about the challenges and potential threats or risks that are associated with the entrepreneurial program. In the advance module, we provide specialised information on important activities that an entrepreneur is required to do in running its real-time business. An entrepreneur usually performs these tasks or activities during his/her business operations; business administration, financial management, creative and critical thinking, product marketing, leadership and HR management, risk management, and conflict resolution and problem-solving, etc. This course will lead you towards an entrepreneurial start-up.        By learning this course, you will be able to 

  • Understand key entrepreneurial roles 
  • Manage key operations of a new business  
  • Build a team for your start-up and handle staff members 
  • Resolve problems and conflicts efficiently 
  • Maintain accounting and financial records 
  • Creatively think about establishing your business in a competitive market 
  • Manage business risk and marketing efforts systematically