Peachtree/ QuickBooks/Tally/Basic Accounting Books Accounting (Accounting software)


Are you willing to get out of the traditional paperwork accounting and want to learn computerised accounting? Pakfreelance brings you an exhaustive and comprehensive course that teaches commonly used accounting software. We aim to enable our students to get expertise in computerised accounting. We offer a wide range of accounting software that helps you to become an expert in computer-based accounting. From the basic level to the complex level, we provide complete training related to having an experiential and learned understanding of computerised accounting.


In the basic or initial level, you will learn about the initial functions of the accounting software and how they work, creation or making of relevant company books, creation of a chart of accounts, creation of vouchers and orders, payroll & wages management system, and creation of database and backup of the company’s accounting systems.


Whereas in advance level, you will practically learn about the complete accounting cycle; recording accounting transactions (journal entries) to the preparation of Final accounts, reconciliation of bank statements, and preparation of all-encompassing accounting reports, etc. Whether you are a student of business management or heading accounts department at your organization, this course will add to your theoretical and practical understanding of accounting principles and techniques.