Do you want expertise in a renowned quantitative analysis software ‘Smart PLS’? We are here for you. Pakfreelance offers a comprehensive training course on one of the best quantitative analysis software Smart PLS. Our experts will help you to get expertise in Smart PLS. In order to make the learning more systematic and organized, our experts have divided this course into two sections:


  • Basis of Smart PLS
  • Advanced mediation & moderation analysis on Smart PLS


At the basic level, you will learn data importing into Smart PLS, creation of basic analysis models, initial measurement of the model using structural equation modelling (SEM), factor analysis, and simple Bootstrapping.


At the advanced and complex level, you will learn complex model formulations, mediation and moderation analyses, complex Bootstrapping, using complex structural equation modelling (SEM), and interpretations of analysis results.


Learning this course will enhance your knowledge about quantitative data analyses that will be very useful in your academic and professional life research works. We invite you to attain a better knowledge of the courses by offering complementary courses of SPSS and AMOS. Together these courses are committed to multiplying your quantitative analysis skills.