Report/essay writing


If you are running out of time to complete your report assignment and it is becoming challenging for you to catch up with the provided deadline, then Pakfreelance has a solution to your problem. We possess highly-skilled expert team at Pakfreelance that can make you well capable to enhance your reports/essay writing. Here are three report/essay writing courses that we are offering at Pakfreelance:


  • English Writing (For beginners): (Choosing topic, Introduction to Research, Language for Research Writing and Citation and Formatting)


After getting this course, you will learn about handling the professional or college level course and will become expert in handling academic assignments.


  • Advanced Writing: (You will be taught about writing and planning sophisticated argumentative essays, identifying and preventing plagiarism, making relationships with articles, and using credible academic sources while writing an essay. The main benefit is that you will be capable to upsurge you academic writing skills)
  • Creative Writing Specialisation: (In this course, you will be provided special creative writing genres that will be narrative essay, memoir, and short story. The main learning that you will get from this course is that you will grasp the technical skills that a good writer needs to compose for a bracing story and grab the attention of readers).