Research methodology


Have you got your topic approved by your supervisor and cannot wait to start your research? Do you have the urge to get the highest score in your dissertation but do not want to compromise on any portion of your research?

At Pakfreelance, we offer the modules, where you can attain the expertise in the following methodological approaches.


Module 1

  • Types of research (Exploratory, Descriptive, Analytical and Predictive)
  • Research Approaches (Qualitative/Quantitative, Basic/Applied, Inductive/Deductive)


Module 2

  • Research Philosophies (Positivistic philosophies (Surveys, Experimental and Longitudinal Studies, and Cross-sectional Studies) and Phenomenological philosophies (Case studies, action research, ethnography, participative enquiry, feminist perspectives and grounded theory))
  • Data and Information Gathering (One-to-one interviews, focus groups, participant observation and questionnaire survey)
  • Size and Sampling (Probability Sampling and Non-probability sampling, choosing the right sampling technique)


Module 3

  • Data Analysis Techniques (Thematic analysis, Content analysis, Discourse analysis, descriptive analysis, dispersion analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, and time series analysis)
  • Ethical considerations and 


Hence, we provide you the best courses related to Research methodology that will help you in writing a section of methodology.