Senior Research Writer Job Description

This document entails important details about your role, duties and responsibilities. Being a team player, you are expected to perform certain duties in a highly responsible and dependable manner.

Key skills

  • Excellent research and writing
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Self responsibility and self leadership
  • Punctuality
  • Team player
  • Can do attitude

Core duties and responsibilities

  • Timely completion of the assigned tasks in a responsible and independent manner, with no irrelevant communication among team members and with reporting head(s)
  • Ensuring timely coordination and communication with the reporting head(s) and team members to ensure the responsible completion of the assigned tasks
  • Timely reporting to the team leader in case of any incomprehensible queries or concerns relating to work
  • Assisting the team leader in meeting daily/weekly/monthly targets while efficiently utilizing available resources and maintaining the optimal level of quality
  • Cooperating with the team leader and members in handling work-related emergencies while not compromising the already assigned tasks
  • Helping the team leader in building a team of highly qualified and credible research writers in accordance with the overall goals and strategies of the organization
  • Guiding the other members of the team and helping them in achieving their targets, while not compromising the assigned tasks and their quality
  • Ensuring a smooth and robust flow of communication at inter-team and intra-team level
  • Managing the nitty gritty aspects of the assigned tasks independently while trying to minimize irrelevant communication with the team leader 
  • Building a culture of doing work instead of measuring the quantity and ensuring adaptation to the changes in the organization
  • Maintaining a positive work environment by nourishing healthy relationships at team and organizational level, thereby minimizing conflicts to the maximum possible level
  • Timely reporting to the reporting head(s) regarding the completion of assigned tasks and duties, including the aforementioned ones as well as any other task assigned by the relevant stakeholders.