Research writing


No matter which field you belong to, research has its scope and significance everywhere. From launching a new product in market to digging your favourite subject in detail, knowledge and skill of research writing will serve you everywhere. Our team of highly proficient and skills research writers at Pakfreelance trains the learners to adopt the most demanded research writing skills. By studying the research writing course, you will be able to secure a better grade at the research project in your university.

Key modules that will be taught in this course include:


Module 1:

  •         Report Writing
  •         Reflective Writing
  •         Reflective and Simple Essays
  •         Annotated Bibliography

The positive point is that you will get the opportunity to conduct research on numerous academic topics, develop a thoughtful outline of your essays, and write and publish your own research paper.

In the module 2, we will cover:

  •         Researching the relevant and credible sources
  •         Formulating practical and testable research objectives 
  •         Proposal Writing and Dissertation Writing


After this module, you will become capable of successfully writing your dissertation proposal and complete dissertation. In terms of completing your dissertation, this course will give you the confidence to dedicatedly work on every element of the dissertation on your own, from problem formulation to reporting the results and drawing meaningful conclusions out of your work. Apart from the theoretical guidance, our proficient and experienced researchers will make you practice the lessons so that you develop strong capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Come grab this opportunity of developing this skill in a highly collaborative environment at Pakfreelance.