Content Manager Job Description

This document entails important details about your role, duties and responsibilities. Being a content manger, you are expected to perform three core duties in a highly responsible and dependable manner: content management, social media marketing, and search engine optimization

Content management

  1. Familiarizing and coordinating with each department’s brand ideals and websites to create content that supports its objectives and desired identity
  2. Developing a creative and practical web content strategy (including textual and graphical content) that encompasses the goals of the company and aligns with the company’s image
  3. Timely and responsibly managing the creation of assigned content in accordance with the needs of the department/website by optimally utilizing the available resources
  4. Reviewing and proofreading the content created and making improvements as per the needs of the website
  5. Coordinating with the technical team to get familiarized with the website structure and modifying content in accordance with the technical requirements of the website
  6. Managing daily activities of the human resources involved in content creation, including writers, graphic designers, and/or other industry professionals
  7. Maintaining a content marketing calendar that schedules all aspects of the creation and delivery of content throughout the specified period
  8. Developing and implementing a cross-platform content strategy to market the company’s products and services through all platforms at hand
  9. Using content management systems to analyze website traffic and users engagement metrics
  10. Staying abreast of current best practices in the industry and reviewing competitor websites to compare their activities with those of your company
  11. Maintaining the optimal level of confidentiality and privacy of the content being managed until it is published
  12. Timely and responsibly reporting to the designated reporting head(s) regarding the aforementioned and/or any other task assigned

Social media marketing

  1. Building and maintaining up and running social media handles in accordance with the department’s needs and marketing the company’s products and/or services through these platforms
  2. Contributing to marketing strategy by leveraging social media platforms to identify and acquire customers
  3. Establishing the company’s presence by having a strong control over all social media platforms, specially Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin
  4. Obtaining market share by developing social media marketing plans and programs for each product and directing promotional support
  5. Maintaining online relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer-relations programs and responding to customer requests in a timely and responsible manner
  6. Researching for the appropriate affiliate websites as per the needs of the department and building a network with them
  7. Providing short- and long-term market forecasts and reports by directing market research, analysis, and interpretation of market data
  8. Periodically analyzing social media marketing performance by reviewing key social media metrics and taking corrective actions to improve performance
  9. Forming key relationships with popular and relevant social media influencers and using these relationships to facilitate the company’s goals
  10. Analyzing competitor activities and devising ways to stay ahead of the competition
  11. Regularly and timely reporting to all the relevant stakeholders, including departmental manager, technical team and content creators

Search engine optimization

  1. Planning, implementing and developing a practical and promising SEO strategy and coordinating with the relevant stakeholders to comply with their requirements
  2. Working for the creation of organic traffic for all social and digital media handles
  3. Regularly performing thorough keyword research and analyzing the best and high performing keywords in accordance with social media needs
  4. Having an exhaustive knowledge and understanding of anchor phrases to ensure practical value and highest quality of content produced
  5. Monitoring the performance of social media handles through key performance indicators, and taking corrective actions whenever and wherever needed
  6. Rigorously analyzing the relevant trending keywords in accordance with the needs of the department and improvising the content and social media strategy in view of those keywords
  7. Developing active on-page and off-page SEO to promote the company’s products and services in an optimal manner
  8. Regularly and timely reporting to all the relevant stakeholders, including departmental manager, technical team and content creators