Social media networking


You have come to the perfect place if you have already been experimenting with social media platforms for your business or if you are totally new to the world of digital marketing. We, here at Pakfreelance, provide you a chance to practice social media marketing skills. Our digital and social media marketing professionals rigorously guide candidates about how to build an appealing image and reputation on social media. Be it selling a product or promoting a social cause, our professionals thoroughly guide you about the essential skills to build a strong communication network on social media platforms. By the end of this course, learners will be able to


  • Understand the social media landscape and the role it plays in marketing
  • Develop SMART social media networking goals to achieve the set targets
  • Have a clear understanding of the target audience and its key characteristics
  • Identify key performance indicators and evaluation strategies to gauge their social media performance


Pakfreelance also gives the opportunity to pair up this course with the content management course so as to understand how content facilitates success on social media platforms. So sign up with us right now and avail this opportunity of becoming social media marketing champions.