Are you looking for an easy way to learn Quantitative data analysis? So, here we present a course on an extensively used Quantitative data analysis tool ‘SPSS’. We offer two modules of SPSS:


  • Fundamentals of SPSS
  • Advanced complex analysis on SPSS 


At the fundamental level, we provide the essentials of SPSS that include; data entry in SPSS, coding and value assigning to variables, descriptive analysis, graphs, charts, and frequency tables, basic measures of central tendency, and their interpretations to build the basis of meaningful results. 


At the advanced level, our experts will train you on getting acceptable reliability and validity of your chosen scales, conducting basic and complex regression analyses, mediation and moderation analysis using ‘Process by Hayes’, and interpretation of regression and moderation & mediation analysis to bring about the best results of your hypothesis tested.


From the basics to advance level analysis techniques, this course is driven by a team of highly specialised experts who commit to assist you in carrying out your research work successfully. Want to learn more? Pair this course with our Research Methodology course and take the opportunity to have an exhaustive learning experience of research writing.