Do you deal with data visualization very often? Are you bored with Excel or SPSS graphics? Learn Tableau to get command on designing and creating graphs, charts, tables of multi-layered formatting and editing styles. Pakfreelance offers you a certificate-level course on Tableau software which can give you a sound grip on data handling and data visualization techniques. This course will provide comprehensive information about Tableau and enable you to become a good reporting and data analyst.


In this course you will learn about the basic introduction of Tableau, cleaning up of data and connection to several of data sources, data visualisation using graphs, column charts, bar-plots, histogram, and frequency curves, creation of pivot tables, presentation of geographical data using maps, visual analytics, cluster creations, filtering of data parameters, annotations, and a lot more, that will give you an overarching experience of data and business analytics. So pick up your phones, register with us and let us make you proficient in your visualisation skills.